Insurance & Billing

Insurance & Billing

We accept most major insurances. Please call our office to verify that we accept yours.

Please bring your insurance card with you. It is very important for you to bring your current insurance card each visit and to inform us if there has been any change in your coverage or in your address. As changes may occur in the plans that we accept, please verify our acceptance at the time you make an appointment.

Central Florida Bone and Joint Institute will make every effort to verify your coverage prior to your appointment, yet we cannot guarantee coverage of services by your insurance company.

Private Patients

For those patients who have insurance that we do not participate, it simply means that to see one of our physicians you will be seeing the physician “Out of Network”. Fortunately, most plans have different levels of coverage, in which patients are usually permitted to see any physician out of plan. Your particular insurance benefits can usually be determined in advance of your appointment by contacting your insurance company’s benefits office. The two most common differences in cost between seeing the physician “out of plan” versus “in plan” is the amount of your annual deductible and the amount of your co-insurance.

Self – Pay Patients

If you are a self-pay patient (if you plan to pay without the use of insurance) or if you do not have your insurance card at the time of registration, we will require a minimum fee of $250.00 towards your anticipated services. Additional fees may be assessed at the time of check-out.

Benefits and Eligibility

To determine your insurance benefits and eligibility please contact your insurance carrier directly. Note that you are ultimately responsible for payment for all services that are not covered by your insurance plan.

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