Independent Medical Examinations

When you have been involved in an accident or injury that prevents you from working, independent medical examinations (IMEs) are a critical step in determining your return-to-work status.

Orthopedic doctors at Central Florida Bone and Joint Institute perform IMEs in Central Florida for patients with injuries to the shoulder, elbow, hand, wrist, hip, knee, foot, ankle, back, or neck. Our doctors provide expert opinions on causation, diagnosis, treatment and work status for individuals with any orthopedic condition. They provide evidenced based opinions supported by current orthopedic research. We understand the importance of timely and accurate communication with everyone involved, including patients, employers, case workers, and attorneys.

Our Orthopedic Surgeons are board certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery in Orthopedics and Hand Surgery. They treat thousands of patients a year. Our physicians provide an objective and comprehensive IME, including a complete review of records, patient history, and physical examination. IMEs can support a variety of needs, including:

  • Diagnosis and treatment
  • Causal relation clarification
  • Medical status evaluation
  • Prognosis analysis
  • Impairment rating/ Maximum medical improvement (MMI)

After completing the physical exam and reviewing all medical records, our doctors will outline their findings in a narrative report, including the severity of diagnosis, physical impairments, functionality, restrictions and limitations, disability rating, and treatment recommendations.

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