Flexor Tendon Injuries

Hand and Wrist

Flexor tendon injuries result in the inability to bend the joint associated with that tendon. It is best for hand surgeons to repair the tendons within 7 days of injury. The most common type of flexor tendon injury results from a laceration or cut with a sharp object or tool such as a knife or saw. Flexor tendons can also rupture or tear because of a strong force or rubbing on the tendon that causes it to become thin and weak over time.

What are flexor tendons?

What are the Signs and Symptoms of flexor tendon injuries?

How do you diagnose flexor tendon injuries?

What are Common Treatments for flexor tendon injuries?

What are the Surgical Treatments for flexor tendon injuries?

How to care for flexor tendon injuries after surgery?

**Disclaimer: Treatment recommendations may vary depending on your true diagnosis. Always follow the recommendations of your orthopedic provider.

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