Why You Should Consider Spine Surgery for Scoliosis

Why You Should Consider Spine Surgery for Scoliosis

Why You Should Consider Spine Surgery for Scoliosis


Scoliosis is a condition that affects the curvature of the spine. It can cause extreme pain and limited mobility. If you’re looking for a reliable orthopedic surgeon to help treat your scoliosis, you may want to consider one who specializes in spine surgery right here in Deland.  Below, we will discuss why spine surgery might be the best option for you and provide an overview of what it entails.


What is Spine Surgery?

Spine surgery is a type of operation used to treat severe spinal problems such as scoliosis, spondylolisthesis, herniated discs, and spinal stenosis. Depending on your individual needs, the procedure can vary from fusion to decompression or even both. A fusion involves fixing two or more vertebrae together so they can heal as one solid bone while decompression involves relieving pressure off of nerves in the spine due to impinged discs or bone spurs.  During your appointment with a spine specialist at an orthopedic office in Deland, you will have a consultation where your doctor will recommend which procedure would be best for you depending on the severity of your condition.


Benefits of Spine Surgery

Having spine surgery has many benefits that include improved posture and alignment, better mobility, lessened pain levels and improved overall quality of life. Additionally, depending on the type of surgery performed, it can also help maintain healthy ranges of motion and reduce deformities associated with scoliosis by realigning the curvature in the spine over time.  It’s important to note that although this type of procedure isn’t suitable for everyone and should only be done when necessary, it has helped countless individuals manage their scoliosis effectively and improve their lives overall.  So if you are considering spinal surgery for scoliosis near Deland, consult with an experienced orthopedic surgeon who specializes in this field first before making any decisions about treatment options moving forward.


If you are living with scoliosis and are looking into spinal surgery as part of your treatment plan near Deland then be sure to get all the facts before going through with it. Consulting an experienced orthopedic surgeon who has specialized experience in this field is key because they can assess your individual situation more accurately and determine whether this option is right for you or not. Knowing all aspects involved in surgical procedures such as complications that could arise afterwards will ensure that you make an educated decision about how best to move forward with treating your condition properly and improving your quality of life overall.

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