Why You Need to Do Your Exercises Before Joint Replacement Surgery

Why You Need to Do Your Exercises Before Joint Replacement Surgery

Why You Need to Do Your Exercises Before Joint Replacement Surgery

Before you schedule your appointment for joint replacement surgery, your doctor will give you a list of exercises you need to do to prepare. This list of exercises will be tailored to your needs, pain, and lifestyle. As an orthopedic surgeon in Orange City, we offer these exercise plans to prepare our patients for the upcoming surgery and ease the recovery process. Preparing your body is important, as it can lead to increased range of motion and a better surgical outcome. It can also reduce pain during the recovery from surgery. These are a few reasons why you need to do your exercises to prepare for your joint replacement surgery.

Reduce Pain

After surgery, you should be prepared to feel pain. You will feel pain from the incision and the changes inside your body. Although your surgeon will prescribe you some pain medications, these will not last more than a few days after your procedure. You will then want to rely on over-the-counter medications and your body to handle the pain. By exercising before surgery, you prepare the body for these types of movements. When you are in post-surgical rehab, your body will be familiar with these movements, and this can help to reduce pain.

Get Back on Your Feet Faster

Many people want to know that they can have a speedy recovery if they put their minds to it. While you should never push your physical limitations too far, you can always prepare yourself by activating your muscles and exercising before surgery. Getting in shape will help your body naturally heal quicker after the surgery is done. With the help of your physical therapist and surgeon, you can get back on your feet faster by following exercises and doctor’s orders.

Improve Strength

By performing your exercises in the months or weeks leading up to your surgery, you can prepare your muscles for these movements. Working with a physical therapist can assist you with any pre-surgical rehabilitation techniques, and these can strengthen your other muscles as well. Remember that the rest of your body needs to be strong to move your walker, hold crutches, and make up for the loss of movement in your affected joints. Increasing your strength before surgery is always a good idea to prepare your body for quicker and safe recovery.

Prepare Your Body for Post-Surgical Rehab

If you do not want to learn any new moves right after surgery, you should prepare by learning them before you go in for your procedure. Get the list of exercises that you will need to do and start them as soon as possible. This will help your body become familiar with the type of exercise, and it can also stimulate muscle memory once you truly need them to recover and heal properly.

By doing your exercises before your surgery, you will be able to recover quicker and feel less pain during the months after your procedure. When you are looking for an orthopedic surgeon in Orange City to perform your joint replacement surgery, take a look at the specialists at Florida Bone and Joint. Contact us to schedule a consultation today.