Who Is a Candidate for Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

Who Is a Candidate for Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

Who Is a Candidate for Total Shoulder Replacement Surgery?

Total shoulder replacement surgery is traditionally a last resort for those who suffer from severe shoulder damage and want to improve their quality of life. Thanks to advances in medical technology, a greater number of patients are now eligible for this life-changing procedure. However, it's essential to consider the advantages and disadvantages, as well as the possible risks, before deciding to undergo this surgery. In this article, we will discuss the factors that make someone an ideal candidate for total shoulder replacement surgery.

There are several indicators that suggest total shoulder replacement may be necessary if conservative treatments, like physical therapy or medication, have failed. These include:

1. Persistent shoulder pain

If you have constant pain in your shoulder and the pain medication, physical therapy, and injections are not helping, it is time to consider the surgery option.

2. Restricted shoulder movement

If your shoulder mobility is severely limited by degenerative arthritis, rotator cuff tear, or any other condition, you may be a good candidate for the surgery.

3. A shoulder that is severely damaged due to trauma, fractures, rotator cuff tear, or disease

If you have been involved in an accident or fell directly on your shoulder, there is every chance that the joint could be severely damaged and require surgery.

4. Challenge in performing everyday tasks

If you experience difficulty in everyday activities like getting dressed, holding a cup or using other household items, then a total shoulder replacement surgery might be necessary.

5. Unsatisfactory response to previous interventions

If previous medical interventions have not been successful, your orthopedic surgeon may suggest you as a candidate for total shoulder replacement surgery.

It's important to note that candidacy for total shoulder replacement surgery is not just related to age. While it's true that older adults are the most common candidates, anyone with severe joint damage can be considered. 

Age is just one of the criteria that your surgeon will consider when evaluating your candidacy for a total shoulder replacement. Your surgeon will also examine your overall health, the severity of damage, medical conditions, and the risks associated with the surgery.



If you are experiencing chronic shoulder pain and have not found relief with non-surgical treatment methods, it's time to consider total shoulder replacement surgery. Getting an expert opinion from a qualified orthopedic surgeon and understanding the eligibility criteria is essential before getting any operation. At Central Florida Bone and Joint Institute, we provide the best orthopedic surgeon in Deltona, FL. We can evaluate your condition and recommend appropriate treatment options. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!