What You Can Expect During Recovery for Your Foot Surgery

What You Can Expect During Recovery for Your Foot Surgery

What You Can Expect During Recovery for Your Foot Surgery

Ankle and foot surgery can change your life. Having realistic expectations of the recovery can help you get started on your new life sooner. Most foot and ankle surgeries are common procedures that have been known to restore quality of life and confidence. While these procedures do come with risks, they are nonetheless life changing. You can talk to your orthopedic surgeon in Lake Mary to learn more about the risks. These are a few things you should expect during your recovery after you undergo foot surgery.

There Will Be Post-Operative Pain

Yes, surgery is performed to resolve pain in the foot and/or ankle. That being said, you will experience swelling and pain post-operation. The first few days are usually the worst. Your doctor's medical team should be able to help manage your pain with medication, elevation, ice, and other treatments. If the pain you experience after surgery doesn't subside, worsen, or is accompanied by other symptoms, make sure your doctor is informed immediately.

You Will Move Differently

Depending on the surgery you undergo, the amount of pressure and weight that your foot can bear will vary. While a lot of hammer toe and bunion procedures allow for weight to be helped immediately with surgical shoes, some procedures require you stay off your feet all together. Your doctor will be able to let you know what kind of weight and movement restrictions you can expect after your specific procedure.

A lot of the time, you are changing how you walk and your stance after foot surgery and procedures. This will change the way you hold balance and walk until you adjust. Not to mention, depending on your doctor's instructions, you will likely have to follow special weight bearing instructions. Physical therapy can help with this as well.

Your footwear might change too. While in a splint, or cast, you will have to have at least one shoe that is supportive and sturdy. Also, after recovery, you may be instructed to have a complete change to your footwear.

You Will Not Recover Over Night

While the surgeries may only take a few hours, you could be looking at a few months for recovery. Depending on your procedure, and post-operation instructions, you could be off your feet for a while. Your doctor's medical team is there to help you get through the healing process with recommendations for physical therapy, medication, and exercises that can restore range of motion, strength, function, and mobility.

While recovery may not be easy to get through, the relief you will feel makes it so worth it. Always follow your doctor’s instructions and let them know as soon as any symptoms return or become worse.

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