Understanding Common Running Injuries and Ways to Prevent Them

Understanding Common Running Injuries and Ways to Prevent Them

Understanding Common Running Injuries and Ways to Prevent Them

Running is a great exercise for those that want to get outside, take in the views, and stay active each day. When you run through a beautiful park or along a body of water, you can rejuvenate your spirit and fuel your body. However, runners face many physical challenges over time, and this leads to disturbances that can prevent them from staying comfortable during their daily jogs. Injuries, pain, and discomfort are common in runners that are treated by our orthopedic surgeon in Deltona. Understanding the injuries that are often found in runners can help you identify causes and prevent them in your own practices.

Runner’s Knee

Runner’s knee is common in those who push themselves too far and too quickly. This occurs when the kneecap comes out of alignment. Your knee also has cartilage that prevents the joint and provides shock resistance, but this can quickly wear down when you are always running long distances on hard surfaces. Runner’s knee causes pain in your knee when you are performing basic tasks that require you to bend your knee, like walking up the stairs or bending over to pick up your kids.

The best way to prevent runner’s knee is to listen to your body. Instead of running long distances every day, consider varying your running routine to also include some short distances. Also, consider surfaces that are more friendly on your joints, like dirt trails or local tracks.

Shin Splints

Shin splints cause pain and discomfort along the front of your leg, right in the shin area. This type of injury can occur when you push yourself too hard without proper stretching or being in shape. When you feel this pain alongside your shins, you should give your body time to rest and heal by avoiding long distance running for a few weeks.

Stress Fractures

A stress fracture occurs when there is a small crack in the bone, and this can lead to pain and discomfort. Runners may experience these types of fractures in their feet and lower part of their legs, especially if they are just getting back into a running routine after a taking a long break. By pushing your body too hard at the beginning, you can suffer from stress fractures. The best way to alleviate pain related to fractures is to avoid running and give your body time to rest.

Sprained Ankles

Accidents happen, and when you run frequently, you are susceptible to ankle rolling or bending if you trip or fall. Ankle sprains occur when the ligaments in your ankle are torn due to these twists or bends. Use the RICE method to treat these types of injuries, as rest and elevation are essential to repairing that ligament.

By understanding the types of injuries that commonly occur in runners, you can learn ways to protect yourself from these issues. If you are looking for an experienced orthopedic surgeon in Deltona, contact the team at Florida Bone and Joint to hear how can treat your running injury today.