The Ultimate Guide on What to Do for a Sprained Ankle

The Ultimate Guide on What to Do for a Sprained Ankle

The Ultimate Guide on What to Do for a Sprained Ankle


A sprained ankle can happen to anyone, whether you're an athlete or just taking a stroll in the park. It's a painful injury that can significantly affect your daily activities, especially if not treated properly. So, what should you do if you sprain your ankle? In this guide, we will provide you with everything you need to know about treating your sprained ankle and getting back on your feet. If you're in Orange City, FL, and need an orthopedic surgeon, don't hesitate to contact the Central Florida Bone & Joint Institute.


1. Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation (R.I.C.E)

The first thing you should do when you sprain your ankle is to perform R.I.C.E. R stands for rest, I for ice, C for compression, and E for elevation. Rest means taking a break from any physical activity that may aggravate your injury. Applying ice helps reduce swelling and inflammation. Apply a cold pack for 15 to 20 minutes every 2 to 3 hours. Wrap the injured ankle with a compression bandage to help reduce swelling and provide support. Finally, elevate your ankle above the level of your heart to help reduce swelling.

2. Pain Relief Medication

Pain relief medication such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen can help alleviate pain and reduce inflammation. However, consult with a doctor before taking any medication, especially if you have any medical conditions.

3. Hydration

Drinking plenty of water and electrolyte-rich fluids will help to keep you hydrated and may aid in the recovery and healing process.

4. Gradual Exercise

As soon as the swelling subsides and your ankle can handle light pressure, you can gradually start exercising it to promote healing and flexibility. It's essential to start with gentle stretches and exercises to prevent further damage to your ankle.

5. Physical Therapy

In some cases, physical therapy may be recommended by a doctor or orthopedic surgeon to help strengthen the ankle and prevent any future injuries. Physical therapy exercises focus on strengthening the muscles around the ankle, improving range of motion and restoring the ankle's function.



In conclusion, a sprained ankle may seem like an obstacle, but with proper care, treatment, and a positive attitude, you can overcome it and be back on your feet quickly. Remember to rest, ice, compress, and elevate your ankle as soon as possible. Consult with a doctor before taking any medication or engaging in any strenuous activity. And if you're in need of an orthopedic surgeon in Orange City, FL, contact the Central Florida Bone & Joint Institute for expert care and treatment.