Strengthen Your Shoulders with Targeted Arthritis Exercises

Strengthen Your Shoulders with Targeted Arthritis Exercises

Strengthen Your Shoulders with Targeted Arthritis Exercises


If you’re living with shoulder arthritis, your doctor may have recommended specific exercises to help manage your symptoms. With the right exercises, you can reduce pain and stiffness in your shoulders while increasing strength, flexibility, and stability to improve your range of motion. Let’s take a look at why targeted shoulder arthritis exercises are important and some tips on how to perform them safely.

Why Shoulder Arthritis Exercises Are Important

Shoulder arthritis is a degenerative joint disease that affects the cartilage in the shoulder joint. This can cause swelling, inflammation, and pain. It can also lead to decreased mobility or range of motion if left untreated. Regular exercise is one of the best ways to manage shoulder arthritis symptoms and prevent further damage. Targeted shoulder arthritis exercises can help increase your range of motion as well as strengthen the muscles around the joint for greater support.


Tips for Safely Doing Shoulder Arthritis Exercises

When performing shoulder exercises for arthritis, it’s important to do them correctly and safely so that you don’t worsen any existing pain or injury. Here are a few tips for performing safe shoulder exercises:

  • Start slowly
    Take your time when doing new exercises and gradually increase the intensity over time. Always start with low-impact movements before progressing to more challenging ones.
  • Use proper form
    Make sure you use good posture and proper form when performing any exercise to avoid straining or injuring yourself further.
  • Listen to your body
    Pay attention to how your body feels as you exercise; if something doesn’t feel right then stop immediately and speak with an orthopedic specialist about any concerns or worries you may have about continuing your regimen.
  • Warm up & cool down
    Before beginning any exercise routine make sure that you warm up properly by doing light stretching or walking for 5-10 minutes first; this will help get your muscles ready for activity without causing strain on them from going too hard too soon! Similarly after exercising be sure not forget about cooling down with light stretches too--this will help keep them loose and relaxed during recovery time!



Taking care of our joints is essential for those living with shoulder arthritis. Exercise is a great way to do this—it helps decrease pain levels while increasing strength, flexibility, stability, and range of motion in the shoulders so that we can continue living life comfortably! If you are seeking an Orthopedic surgeon in Altamonte who specializes in treating patients with shoulder arthritis contact Central Florida Bone & Joint Institute today! Our team of experienced doctors will provide personalized treatment plans tailored specifically to meet each patient's needs in order to maximize their quality of life! We look forward providing our patients with comprehensive care every step of their journey towards improved health outcomes! Don't wait any longer--reach out today!.