How Long Does It Take to Walk Normally After Hip Replacement Surgery?

How Long Does It Take to Walk Normally After Hip Replacement Surgery?

How Long Does It Take to Walk Normally After Hip Replacement Surgery?


Hip replacement surgery is a complex orthopedic procedure that requires significant preparation and aftercare. If you or a loved one are considering this surgery, one of the questions you may be wondering about is how long it will take to walk normally again after surgery. Walking is an essential activity that allows us to stay active, mobile, and independent. In this blog post, we will discuss the typical timeline for walking after hip replacement surgery, as well as some factors that may affect your recovery.


Immediately After Surgery

After the surgery, you will be taken to the recovery room where you will remain until you are awake and stable enough to go to your hospital room. During the first few days after your surgery, the focus will be on pain management and preventing complications. You'll likely be encouraged to do exercises that promote circulation and prevent blood clots in the legs. These exercises you need to perform under the guidance of your therapist. Every move will be monitored so there won't be any chance of falling or any complications will happen during the recovery period. You may stand up and walk with the help of a walker as early as the first day after surgery with the assistance of the physical therapist.

First 6 Weeks After Surgery

For the first six weeks after surgery, you will likely need to use a walker or crutches to walk. But during this period, you can expect significant progress. In fact, most patients are up and walking within three to four days post-surgery, with or without the assistance of an assistive walking device. Walking will be assisted as you'll have to follow some safety measures. Generally, during the first 6 weeks, avoid sitting in a place for a longer period to prevent blood clots. For six weeks after surgery, no crossing of the legs should be done and no bending of the hip over 90 degrees is allowed. No twisting of the hip during this time is allowed. No bending over to pick things off the ground is allowed. Physical therapy will help to strengthen the muscles and restore hip mobility.

Around 3 Months After Surgery

At this point, most patients are walking normally without assistance although there may be some discomfort when walking for an extended period of time. Patients start feeling comfortable while walking, and their mobility starts to improve to some extent. Patients will notice significantly reflected changes, and they will be able to do the activities of their choice because of the restoration of hip mobility. However, it is essential to note that the timeline for recovery can vary depending on a range of factors, including the patient's age, general health, the severity, and type of hip problem being treated, and lifestyle choices, etc.

6 Months After Surgery

Most people are fully recovered after 6 months from the surgery.  During this period, physical therapy is important as it will help to strengthen the muscles of the hip joint, which is essential in promoting proper joint function, improving hip mobility, and preventing future injuries. Strengthening the gluteal muscles will become a focus and will be integrated into activities like walking and standing to improve balance and stability. Another important benefit of physical therapy after surgery is that it offers a gradual return to regular activities and helps you to learn how to protect your new joint properly.



Hip replacement surgery is a life-changing operation that can help improve mobility and reduce pain, but it is important to remember that the recovery process takes time. How quickly you are able to walk normally after surgery will depend on various factors, including your overall health, the severity of the hip condition, and how well you follow your rehabilitation program. To get the best recovery, it is essential to choose an experienced orthopedic surgeon in Deland, FL who can perform the procedure efficiently and guide you every step of the way. At Central Florida Bone and Joint Institute, we offer hip replacement surgery that is designed to help you regain mobility and independence as quickly as possible. Get in touch today to schedule a consultation and learn more about how we can help you get back on your feet after hip surgery.