Dislocated Shoulder: Will It Ever Be Same?

Dislocated Shoulder: Will It Ever Be Same?

Dislocated Shoulder: Will It Ever Be Same?


A dislocated shoulder can be a traumatic and painful experience. It is a common injury that affects many people, especially athletes, and those who engage in strenuous physical activities. It can cause excruciating pain, numbness, and restricted mobility of the arm, making it difficult to perform daily activities. If you have recently dislocated your shoulder, you may be wondering if it will ever be the same again. In this blog post, we will discuss the recovery process, and how an orthopedic surgeon at Central Florida Bone & Joint Institute can help you return to your normal life.


The Recovery Process:

After a dislocated shoulder, the first step is to seek medical attention from a qualified orthopedic surgeon. They will conduct an examination and determine the severity of the injury. Treatment will depend on the extent of the dislocation and your overall health. For most people, the shoulder will need to be put back into the socket under sedation. Once the shoulder is back in place, the doctor will recommend various methods to manage pain and swelling, such as physical therapy, rest, ice, or compression.

Physical Therapy:

Physical therapy is an essential element in the recovery process from a dislocated shoulder. It comprises a series of exercises designed to restore mobility, flexibility, and strength of the shoulder. Physical therapy also helps reduce the risk of future injury. Your orthopedic surgeon will recommend a customized physical therapy plan based on the type and severity of your injury. For optimal recovery, it is crucial to follow your treatment plan and stick to your physical therapy appointments.


Surgery is only needed in severe cases where other interventions have failed. The surgeon may need to repair the ligaments and tissues that hold the shoulder joint in place. Surgery helps stabilize the joint and lessen the risk of re-dislocation. After surgery, you will need to follow a rehabilitation plan that includes physical therapy exercises.

Recovery Timeline:

The recovery timeline for a dislocated shoulder varies depending on the severity of the injury and the individual's overall health. For most people, full recovery takes about 12 to 16 weeks. During this time, it is important to follow your rehabilitation plan and give your shoulder the required rest.



In conclusion, a dislocated shoulder is not something anyone wants to experience. It can be an extremely painful and disruptive injury. However, with the right treatment, you can make a full recovery and return to your normal life. At the Central Florida Bone & Joint Institute, our orthopedic surgeons will work with you to develop a customized treatment plan that caters to your unique needs. Contact us today and book an appointment to get the help you need.