5 Tips to Prevent Injuries in Young Athletes

5 Tips to Prevent Injuries in Young Athletes

5 Tips to Prevent Injuries in Young Athletes

Sports injuries can be a significant concern for young athletes, as they can not only keep them out of the game for a period of time, but also affect their long-term health and athletic performance. As an orthopedic surgeon in Deltona, our sports medicine specialists work closely with athletes of all ages to prevent, treat, and rehab injuries that occur on the field and court. Being aware of preventative measures can protect your young children when they play sports. These are a few steps that parents and coaches can take to help prevent sports injuries in young athletes.

Encourage Stretching

Warming up before a game or practice can help to prepare the body for physical activity and reduce the risk of injury. This can include stretching, light cardio, and dynamic movement exercises. Cooling down after a game or practice can also help to reduce muscle soreness and prevent injury.

Teach Proper Technique

Make sure that young athletes are using proper technique. Proper technique can help to reduce the risk of injury, especially when playing sports that involve contact or rapid movements. Parents and coaches should take the time to teach young athletes the correct way to perform different movements, such as throwing, catching, or hitting.

Provide Protective Gear

Encourage young athletes to wear proper protective gear when they are playing their sports. Protective gear, such as helmets, shin guards, and mouthguards, can help to reduce the risk of injury when playing sports. Parents and coaches also need to make sure that this equipment is properly maintained, cleaned, and fitted over time. As your child grows, you will likely need to adjust their equipment to meet their needs.

Watch for Overuse Injuries

Many young athletes suffer from overuse injuries because they are resilient and full of energy. As they push themselves, they suffer from overuse injuries that can be prevented by dialing back, having rest days, and following proper warm up and cool down routines. Parents and coaches should monitor the amount of time young athletes spend playing sports, and encourage them to take breaks and rest when needed.

Encourage a Healthy Lifestyle

Make sure young athletes are getting enough sleep and eating a healthy diet. A healthy diet and enough sleep can help to keep young athletes' bodies in good condition and reduce the risk of injury. Parents are able to help their children establish routine at home so they are better positioned to avoid injuries and reduce the risk of fatigue or burnout. This can drastically improve their mood, energy, and overall quality of life.

Listen to Them

Many people believe that pushing through the pain builds character. Although you want to set high standards for your children and athletes, you also need to listen to them. As they discuss symptoms of feeling fatigue, pain, or discomfort, you need to give them time to rest and relax. We encourage adults to listen to their bodies, and we should also be advocates for child athletes that are doing the same thing.

By following these tips, you can work to prevent injuries in young athletes. If you are concerned about your risk for injury or your child has suffered from a sports-related injury, contact our orthopedic surgeon in Deltona to be seen today.