5 Signs You May Need Foot Surgery

5 Signs You May Need Foot Surgery

5 Signs You May Need Foot Surgery

Dealing with chronic pain can debilitate your lifestyle and cause you to avoid certain tasks, responsibilities, or lifestyle choices. When you have constant pain in your foot, you may also struggle with mobility issues, and this can degrade the quality of your daily life. In some cases, the pain may even be excruciating, which can mean you take many medications to live a semi-normal lifestyle. It is only intensified if you have suffered a severe injury or are living with a chronic issue. As an orthopedic surgeon in Orange City, we treat many foot-related issues to help ease the pain. Sometimes, we suggest surgery to alleviate the issue. These are a few signs that you may be a candidate for foot surgery.

Persistent Pain

Worsening and/or persistent pain in the ankle or foot is usually caused by injuries that don't heal over time. If the pain from injuries never seems to fade, or if it continues to worsen, then you will probably be finding yourself on a waiting list for surgery.

Limited Mobility

Over time, the little aches and pains you could tolerate as a younger person become something that threatens your way of life. Mobility often suffers when your feet or ankles are in pain. If not addressed, you will witness your movement fade away before your eyes. Even if the spouts of limited mobility seem basic and minor, an orthopedic surgeon should probably help you.

No Relief

If medications and treatments yield limited or no relief, then it is time to schedule an orthopedic appointment. The meds and walking aids that are supposed to ease the pains in your ankles and feet may stop being as effective. Over time, the pain can worsen and you won't find any relief.

Sleep is Disturbed

Just because you take the pressure off your feet and ankles, doesn't mean they will find relief. Resting doesn't always stop your pain. You find your sleep often cut short or intruded on by persistent pain. Don't let the pain ruin your sleep schedule. That will only lead to more issues down the line.

Temperature Influences Pain

The pressure change can impact nerves easier when there is worn down cartilage in the joints. Rainy and cold days are often times claimed to increase foot and ankle pains. The weather shouldn't ever prevent you from enjoying life. Nor should pain.

There are other issues and conditions that foot surgery can help with. Never jump straight to surgery unless all other options have failed or begin to be less effective. If you are experiencing issues with your ankles, feet, or any joints, then you absolutely have to consult an orthopedic surgeon. Orthopedic physicians can often times lead you down the right path. If there are other options besides surgery, they will have you exhaust them before you commit.

If you are looking for more information on foot surgery, contact our orthopedic surgeon in Orange City to hear more today.