What Does My Neck Pain Mean?

What Does My Neck Pain Mean?

What Does My Neck Pain Mean?

Neck pain can occur when you sleep in an awkward position, or it can occur when you strain your neck from sitting in an uncomfortable position for too long. In fact, neck pain can be caused from many different movements or forces. When you suffer from neck pain, you may want to be checked out by an orthopedic surgeon in Deland. Our experts understand how to best diagnose and treat pain and issues related to the neck.

Why You Should Not Ignore Your Neck Pain

Neck pain can be chronic and severe, and this should not be ignored. When you feel neck pain, your pain may eventually radiate down your shoulders and spine, or down through the arms and hands. If your pain increases and causes these issues, it can indicate that you have damage to your nerves. Sometimes, neck pain can signify something much more serious, and you will want to be assessed by a medical professional.

Common Symptoms of Neck Pain

When you feel overall pain, take some time to apply heat and ice to the area on a cycle. Over time, you may notice these symptoms related to your neck pain:

  • Sharp, acute pain in one spot
  • Popping or grinding sounds when turning
  • Pain that radiates down your shoulders, arms, and hands
  • Problems lifting objects
  • Difficulty moving
  • Trouble balancing
  • Tingling or numbness

When your neck pain is accompanied by any of these other symptoms, take the time to rest, apply ice and heat, and talk to a professional to evaluate the root your neck issues.

What Your Neck Pain Could Indicate


Often times, the pain in your neck may be caused by arthritis, which is a common condition that causes inflammation of your joints as you age. This can cause aches and pains that limit your mobility or ability to have full range of motion of certain parts of your body. When you have arthritic pain that affects your neck, you should talk to your doctor about treatments to make you more comfortable.


Whiplash is a common problem that results from forceful and rapid back-and-forth movements to the neck. Often times, this is caused during a motor vehicle accident. Some people also may suffer from whiplash while riding amusement park rides, like rollercoasters. When you have whiplash, you want to seek medical attention to provide stability to your neck so that it can heal without causing additional pain.


Spondylosis refers the degenerative changes in the spine that often result in neck or back pain. This causes inflammation of the joints in your back, which can lead to intensifying pain related to arthritis. As an age-related condition, it will become worse as you age unless you seek treatment from an orthopedic surgeon in Deland. When you seek treatment, you can minimize the pain with injections or even surgery.

If you are experiencing neck pain, you should seek the medical attention of a specialist. Contact Florida Bone and Joint to schedule an appointment with our orthopedic specialists today.