What Does a Hand Surgeon Treat?

What Does a Hand Surgeon Treat?

What Does a Hand Surgeon Treat?

Hand surgeons address any concerns, issues, or injuries that occur from the hand to the wrist, and all the way up the forearm. When you work with a hand specialist, you may have limited mobility in your wrist, suffer from excruciating pain from an overuse injury, or have recently suffered an injury to your hand. These specialists work as an orthopedic surgeon in Deltona to treat the issues of the hand and wrist. When you are experiencing pain in your wrist, you should understand what to expect when you arrange your appointment with a hand surgeon.

Why You Might Need a Hand Surgeon

When it comes to conditions related to the hand and wrist, there is not one more educated and prepared than a hand specialist. They have completed extensive training related to these disorders, which gives them the ability to make the best decisions for your treatment after a diagnosis has been made. They are able to treat each and every condition related to the hand, wrist, and forearm that many other medical professionals are not trained to fully understand.

What Conditions Do Hand Surgeons Treat?

Our hands are some of the most complex parts of our body, and we use them more than many other parts of our body. When you suffer from an injury or condition in your hand, you want to treat it with care. Hand surgeons are trained to treat many different conditions of your upper extremities.


Arthritis affects millions of Americans, causing both pain and discomfort that limits their mobility over time. When you have arthritis that affects your hands or wrists, you may struggle to perform basic tasks, like tying your shoes or brushing your teeth. If you seek treatment from a hand specialist, you will be able to find treatment options to alleviate the pain and create a more comfortable lifestyle

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Another common disorder that affects the wrist and hands is carpal tunnel syndrome. This often occurs from overuse of the wrist, which puts pressure on the median nerve running down the hand. When you have carpal tunnel syndrome, you may struggle with any movements of the hand. Hand specialists can give you pain treatments to alleviate pain, including physical therapy and adaptable equipment, like splints.

Hand Trauma

Accidents that cause trauma to your hand may result in disfiguration, pain, breaks, or other common disorders that lead to pain and discomfort. A hand surgeon will be able to diagnose and treat your issue quickly so that you can find a solution to remove damaged bone, surgically replace any joints, or reassemble your hand for future use.

By understanding what a hand surgeon treats, you can prepare yourself for the appointment to ask all the right questions and get the treatment you deserve. At our specialist’s office, we have a hand orthopedic surgeon in Deltona to help with your pain and injuries.

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