Three Ways to Protect Your Joints

Three Ways to Protect Your Joints

Three Ways to Protect Your Joints

Your musculoskeletal system is made of bones, muscles, and joints. Your bones connect at a joint, where vital tissues called tendons and ligaments help attach your bones. On the ends of each bone is a lining of protective cartilage and soft tissues (synovial membranes) that create a liquid called synovial fluid. Your bones are cushioned by cartilage and lubricated by synovial membranes, so they don't rub against each other. Joints let you move your body and support your weight throughout your life. In addition, protecting and maintaining healthy joints helps you avoid pain and injury as you age.

As we grow older, our joints and bones are not as powerful as they once were because they weaken from wear and tear or the development of ailments. Bone growth and healing slows compared to the quick regrowth of our youth. Your cartilage may deteriorate from the everyday wear and tear of life. The protective membranes and fluids in your joints start to dry up.

These transformations may cause the bones to experience friction and rub against each other painfully. You might also discover that some joints change shape, particularly in your fingers or toes. These might be insignificant annoyances to some, but sometimes joint pain and deformities make it very difficult to function. Eventually, you may require surgery or have your joint replaced.

While there is no magic pill you can take or food you can eat to keep you looking and feeling young forever, there are numerous things you can do to keep your mind and body in good shape as you age. After all, life expectancy and quality of life get longer and higher yearly thanks to contemporary medicine. So how you prepare your body for the long haul determines your happiness and health for the future. Our orthopedic surgeon in Deland offers these things to do to safeguard your joints as you age.

Get moving

Regular exercise keeps your body young, even as you age. Routine physical activity helps you maintain a healthy weight. After 40 years of age, adults who exercise 30 minutes or more daily are in much better health than those who don't. Our blood vessels grow stiff as we age, increasing our blood pressure, and the best way to resolve this hypertension issue is to get your blood pumping with regular cardio.

See your physician regularly

For individuals 55 and up, seeing your doctor regularly is especially important. It is essential to plan regular check-ups with your physician to ensure your body is healthy. Testing might be suggested by your physician, even when you're healthy. These visits aim to discover problems early or before they begin. Identifying health issues early increases your odds of successful treatment and reduces the likelihood of developing additional complications.

Maintain a healthy weight

Most weight loss depends on your diet. As your body (and gravity) inherently places a lot of weight on your joints, maintaining a healthy weight keeps your joints healthy. However, carrying around additional weight causes aches and pains in your tendons and joints and restricts your mobility as you age.

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