Six Causes of Chronic Foot and Ankle Discomfort

Six Causes of Chronic Foot and Ankle Discomfort

Six Causes of Chronic Foot and Ankle Discomfort

Many individuals experience unnecessary pain and suffer from chronic foot and ankle discomfort because they believe it is an unavoidable side effect of aging or playing sports. While this might be accurate on some scale, it is not invariably the circumstance, and you might efficiently fix the discomfort and misery by visiting an orthopedic professional. is a reliable source of foot care with our orthopedic surgeon in Debary and surrounding areas if foot discomfort is uncontrollable.

Regular foot and ankle discomfort can vary from mildly irritating to debilitating. When established foot and ankle discomfort is left neglected, it can generate more extreme problems in the future, so it is critical to pursue the guidance of an expert when discomforts do not quickly settle on their own. The causes for this type of discomfort are varied and frequently include:


A bunion is a notable bump appearing on the flank of your big or small toe. This bulge often rubs against your shoe, generating redness, swelling, and joint distress. Bunions can develop from flat feet, injuries, inappropriate footwear, or genetics. In extreme cases, you can treat bunion discomfort by modifying your shoes, wearing custom arch supports, bunion shields, bunion splints, or surgery.

Foot fitness treatment has made tremendous advances as technology has matured in orthotics and orthopedic footwear manufacturing. Consequently, new orthopedic footwear and arch supports deliver better support and are more fashionable than they once were.


Hammertoes are a typical ailment that often yields bent and disfigured toes. In addition, hammertoes continually generate the pain associated with your toes chafing against footwear. Remedies for this ailment include toe splints, toe shields, toecaps, sporting shoes with additional room in the toe region, and surgery to straighten or fuse your toes.

Heel pain

Heel discomfort is generally caused by heel spur syndrome or plantar fasciitis. This discomfort is typically felt with your first step in the morning and might persist throughout the day. Fixing this pain includes therapies like stretching, physical treatment, heel protectors, night slings, anti-inflammatory drugs, injections, and in rare examples, surgery. We have a trusted and dependable orthopedic surgeon in Debary and surrounding areas when surgical intervention is needed.

Flat feet

Flat feet induce pain in your foot's arch. The misery is often introduced as a piercing stabbing ache or a pulling or pulsating in your foot's arch. A flat foot is likewise called over-pronation and is typically induced by traumatic damage, foot overuse, or even a congenital disability. Resolutions to flat feet can incorporate stretching activities, physical therapy, custom arch supports, and braces worn in your shoes. However, over-pronation might lead to other common foot problems if left neglected.

Sports injuries

Sports injuries left neglected are notable offenders in athletes and kids' aching feet. Runners, football players, dancers, cheerleaders, and countless other athletes who manage to overuse their feet are exposed to various foot and ankle problems.


Arthritis causes regular foot and ankle pain, tendon damage, misalignment problems that manifest as back and neck discomfort, and foot hygiene problems that eventually become more severe. However, early diagnosis and therapy are often helpful and favorably practical for individuals of all backgrounds and ages.

If you or someone you love is encountering chronic foot or ankle discomfort, consider pursuing the professional guidance of a podiatrist or orthopedic surgeon in Debary to assess restorative options and stop or decrease foot pain for good.