How to Treat Your Hip Pain

How to Treat Your Hip Pain

How to Treat Your Hip Pain

Hip pain can be caused by many different reasons. You can experience pain for anything from join disorders, to overuse. No matter the cause, this debilitating pain is more than frustrating. While some hip pain will only appear as a minor inconvenience, you may also be met with a barrier of pain that can block out your day to day activities. Hip pain should always be addressed by an orthopedic surgeon in Altamonte Springs as soon as you can. If you don't get it treated, damage can become more painful and disabling. These are a few of the ways that you can treat your hip pain to live a more comfortable life.


Some treatments, even suggested by doctors, come in the form of over-the-counter pain medication. Mild and even moderate pain in your hips can be relieved simply by taking an anti-inflammatory. Readily available, and normally inexpensive, you can choose between multiple different types of over-the-counter medication that help relieve hip pain. This method of treatment isn't intended for long term practice. Make sure you talk with your doctor about your hip pain.


When your hips are in pain from overuse, then compression is likely one of the steps you are going to take to improve hip pain. Icing the area, then wrapping it with a compression bandage, ace bandage, or other sport wraps. This method will help the damaged muscles to heal a bit faster. In turn, circulation increases.


This method for treating hip pain is more of a final option for individuals who have exhausted many of their other techniques. Before surgery becomes the only solution, patients find themselves battling their hip pain for years prior. Many doctors will tell you that surgery is most common in cases involving arthritis and degeneration. It is strongly recommended, before opting out for invasive surgery, that all other options of treatment be exhausted.


One of the most common treatments, and the first suggestion you will get from a doctor, is exercise. A regular routine of exercise is vital for a number of reasons, hip pain relief being one of them. With the right types and consistency of exercise, you are going to strengthen the muscles while increasing range of motion. This will also work as a injury avoidance too. If it is a matter of relieving present pain, then make sure your exercises are ideal for the tasks. The idea is to reduce the stress that your hips endure. Many of the exercises that you will find helping are flat trail walks and treadmills. Yoga is also a common method as long as you are avoiding any over extension of your hip joint.

Before you treat your pain, you should see an orthopedic surgeon in Altamonte Springs to determine the best course of action for your particular situation.

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