How to Prepare for Knee Surgery

How to Prepare for Knee Surgery

How to Prepare for Knee Surgery

If you have knee surgery scheduled, you should know there is more to do than go for your pre-op appointment. You have to prepare your mind, body, and home. Although surgery can be overwhelming, you can make it easier by following a few tips to prepare yourself for an upcoming knee surgery with our orthopedic surgeon in Altamonte Springs. 

Get Your Home Ready

It may be hard for you to walk and get around the house in the days and weeks after surgery. For your body to heal, it needs time. So, it's important to do some things to get your home ready for when you get a knee replacement. To make your home safer and more comfortable, do these:

  • Move anything that could cause someone to trip and fall, like throw rugs, toys, and electrical cords.
  • Make a path around all of your furniture. After surgery, you may need a walker, crutches, or help from someone to get around for a while. Putting your furniture in a way that makes it easy to move around can help you get better faster. Try to make paths that are three feet wide or more.
  • Put things you'll need in easy reach. After surgery, you might find it hard to bend down. Take anything you often use out of lower cabinets and put it somewhere you can reach without bending down.
  • You might want to add handrails to your bathroom. This will make going to the bathroom safer and easier for you.
  • Set up a living space with only one level. It can be hard to go up and down stairs when you're healing. If you live in a house with more than one level, try making as many changes as possible so you can recover on one level.

 Get a Dental Evaluation

Before surgery, important dental problems need to get fixed. During a dental procedure, bacteria could get into your bloodstream and cause an infection that could spread to your prosthetic joint. Make sure you go to the dentist long before your knee surgery. If you need dental work two weeks before your surgery, you should tell your doctor immediately.

Manage Your Weight

Too much weight can make you more likely to get sick or have other problems. We will encourage you to get in shape as much as you can before surgery. But we know that one reason you may need knee replacement surgery is that your physical abilities have changed. So go for a weight loss goal that is reasonable and achievable and reach it by cutting calories and working out regularly. This can be done by:

  • Keeping track of portions
  • Drinking enough water
  • Having meals at regular times during the day
  • Getting your calories from food instead of drinks

Arrange for Help

It can be hard on your body to get better. Getting help from family and friends can help you channel all your energy into recovery. If you need to, you should arrange plans for your child or pet's care. This can help you feel less stressed and ensure your family gets the necessary care. Also, ask people to help with errands. Alternatively, employ an errand running service. After surgery, you won't be able to drive for a few weeks. So, ask ahead of time for help with things like grocery shopping and getting prescriptions.

When you take these steps to prepare for shoulder surgery with our orthopedic surgeon.