Four Signs You May Be Suffering from a Shoulder Injury

Four Signs You May Be Suffering from a Shoulder Injury

Four Signs You May Be Suffering from a Shoulder Injury

The shoulder is one of the most important parts of our body. A lot of our daily activities rely on our shoulders. It is a very flexible ball and socket design muscle. Since it offers a lot of movement, rotation, and flexibility, it is not very rigid and stable and could get injured very easily. As a trained orthopedic surgeon in Lake Mary, we diagnose and treat many shoulder injuries. These are a few signs and symptoms that may indicate that you are suffering from an injury to your shoulder.

Difficulty Lifting Items

When we try to lift anything, a lot of work is performed by our shoulder joints. Hence, if you notice that you are having difficulty lifting weights in the gym or doing regular stuff in your routine, your shoulder may be injured. You might notice a strain or sudden shooting pain in your shoulder joint or rotator cuff when you put a strain on your shoulder by lifting something heavy.

Trouble Sleeping

Sleep is very important for our health. If we don't get enough sleep, we can't perform our daily tasks well. Doctors advise that a normal person should get 7–8-hour sleep. If you are used to sleeping on your side, a shoulder injury might disturb your sleep activity. You will notice trouble putting your body weight on your shoulder while trying to sleep. Some people might fall asleep fine but experience severe shoulder pain after waking up. This pain could be caused by a bad sleeping posture or an underlying shoulder injury. In either case, you should not ignore this pain.

Pain While Throwing Items

Shoulder injury could be very discomforting if your routine involves activities related to throwing stuff. For example, a baseball player will have difficulty playing if his shoulder is hurting. Moreover, if you don't involve in any physical activity and you experience shoulder pain if you throw something like a ball, it is a sign of shoulder injury. Many sports, such as golf, baseball, basketball, and football, put a lot of pressure on the shoulder joint. Activities that cause a jerk action in your shoulder could also hurt a lot if your shoulder is injured. Many people will not be able to carry out our regular tasks.

Cracking or Popping Noises

During our routine life, we sometimes randomly crack or pop our joints. It is completely normal and even feels like a relief sometimes. However, constant popping and cracking of a joint is not a good sign. Thus, if your shoulder joint is constantly cracking, then it is time that you visit a doctor.

We carry the world's weight on our shoulders, which is why you should take care of your shoulder joint and muscles. It is recommended to stretch your shoulder muscles too regularly. If you are experiencing any signs of shoulder pain, then do not hesitate to go to your orthopedic surgeon in Lake Mary to seek medical treatment. Contact the team at Florida Bone and Joint to learn more about our shoulder specialists today.