Five Signs You May Need Shoulder Surgery

Five Signs You May Need Shoulder Surgery

Five Signs You May Need Shoulder Surgery

Which portion of your body do you use in practically every activity, from preparing food, playing sports, washing your hair, and going to work or hugging your loved ones? Your shoulders! As you might expect, shoulder injuries are very common and can seriously affect all parts of your life. However, when the injury is serious, it's good to know that an experienced orthopedic surgeon in Deland can fix the problem. With timely shoulder surgery, you can get back to doing everything you love in no time.

What Causes Shoulder (Rotator Cuff) Problems?

Your shoulder's rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons. It helps you raise your arm and turn it. It also keeps your shoulder joint from moving around. But sometimes, the bones around the rotator cuff can tear the tendons or pinch them. This can happen if you hurt yourself, like if you fell and hit your arm. But wear and tear can also hurt your shoulder over time, causing pain that can be very bad.

What Your Shoulder Pain Symptoms Mean

When your shoulder is hurt, you will experience a wide range of symptoms, many of which will get in the way of your daily life. These signs let us know that we are hurt and keep us from doing things that could worsen the pain. Even though many symptoms are from small injuries that get better over time, there are some that we should pay more attention to.

If you have any of the following symptoms, it may be clear that you need shoulder surgery right away. If you pay attention to these signs, you can get a doctor for help before your injury worsens.

You Have Shoulder Pain that Spreads

If the pain in your shoulder goes all the way down your arm, it could mean that the injury is so bad that it is affecting the muscles as a whole.

You Have Pain that Doesn't Let You Sleep

If your shoulder is badly hurt, you might not be able to sleep on that side of your body. If you keep having trouble sleeping, it could mean your injury isn't getting better.

You Feel Arm Weakness

A serious shoulder injury will weaken the whole arm, and the arm won't get better until the damage gets fixed with surgery.

You Feel Persisting Pain Without Physical Movement

Shoulder injuries hurt when you move, but the worst kinds of injuries hurt all the time. This means the wound is so bad that it isn't getting better.

You Can't Lift the Shoulder

Shoulders in good shape let you lift things and reach out with your arms. Serious injuries can make it hard to do these things, and if you can't do them, you may need shoulder surgery.

Only an orthopedic surgeon in Deland can tell if you need surgery on your shoulder and what kind of surgery you need. If you go to a skilled orthopedist right away, you have a better chance of getting better as quickly as possible and to the fullest extent of your abilities.

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