Do I Need to See a Foot Specialist?

Do I Need to See a Foot Specialist?

Do I Need to See a Foot Specialist?

When you have pain in your foot, every single step you take may pose a challenge. You may feel aches or acute pain with each movement your foot makes, which can make even the simplest task seem like an Olympic sport. When you suffer from chronic foot pain or you have suffered an injury to your foot, you may find yourself in need of a foot specialist. As an orthopedic surgeon in Orange City, we are here to help you diagnose and treat issues related to your foot. As a foot specialist with the expertise to provide the best treatment possible, you will want to see us when you are dealing with one of these issues.

You Suffer from Joint Pain

Arthritis in your foot or ankle can cause extreme amounts of pain that can make everyday tasks a challenge. When you battle constant ankle pain, you should consider seeing a foot specialist. If your joints feel stiff, swollen, or tender, you may start making some adjustments to the way you walk. Over time, these adjustments can actually cause permanent damage or worse problems. Feet specialists find a way to tailor your treatments to your lifestyle and concerns.

You Suspect a Break

When you have suffered an injury to your foot or ankle that prevents you from putting any weight on your affected leg, you may need to seek treatment. You may have broken or sprained your ankle or foot, which can result in pain that will only get better with proper treatment. Although you may try to rest, ice, and elevate the affected foot, you may need X-rays to determine whether your foot has been broken.

You Notice Changes in Your Foot

While your feet change shape over the years, a sudden change in your foot is cause for concern. This is especially true if you have recently suffered a trauma to your foot or you notice sudden pain. To stop the pain, you may need medical intervention or treatment options. A foot specialist will be best equipped and educated on all foot-related disorders, and this makes them the best choice to address these concerns.

You Have Misshapen Toes

Toe deformities, like hammer toes, can occur later in life. Hammer toes can affect the second, third, or fourth toe, and it can cause you toe to become bent in the middle, just like a hammer. Conditions like this need to be treated by a specialist that understands disorders like these. With early intervention, you can prevent permanent damage and perform non-invasive treatments to resolve the pain associated with misshapen toes.

By seeking the assistance of a foot specialist, you can ensure that you find the right treatment options for your pain and situation. At our clinic of with our orthopedic surgeon in Orange City, we offer specialties for any bone, joint, or muscle related issue you may have.

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