Common Types of Hip Surgery

Common Types of Hip Surgery

Common Types of Hip Surgery

Hip replacement is considered one of the US's most common surgical procedures. However, there are numerous different kinds of hip replacement surgery. Our orthopedic surgeon in Altamonte Springs offers a look at the various hip replacement kinds available.

What kinds of hip surgery are there?

If you or somebody you know feels they need an urgent hip replacement, the alternatives below will give you a notion of what's achievable.

Total hip replacement

This surgical approach removes the hip joint and replaces it with a hip implant. It can be completed as a full replacement or a half replacement. It seems complicated, but hip replacement is one of the most standard orthopedic procedures.

Partial hip replacement

Unlike a full hip replacement, this approach doesn't replace the hip joint socket. Instead, the ball of the joint is substituted. This is a standard procedure in seniors, often following a hip fracture after a fall.

Hip revision surgery

This procedure is occasionally called a repeat hip replacement. It involves substituting a patient's artificial hip joint once it becomes loose, infected, or worn out.

Hip arthroplasty

This is the medical term for hip replacement. There is no distinction between hip arthroplasty and hip replacement surgery. The objectives are to correct function and reduce hip pain.

Hip resurfacing

Hip resurfacing is a replacement surgery that removes less bone from a joint. It's only truly effective in younger adults with strong bones. This approach has become less common over recent years and is only practiced in a handful of hospitals.

Minimally invasive hip surgery

This method sees a surgeon make one or more short incisions over your hip. This procedure aims to relieve pain and hasten recovery time. However, the process may only be appropriate for some patients.

Kinds of hip replacement procedures

A surgeon performing hip replacement operations can access your hip from the front and the back. The approach taken will be your surgeon's preference.

Posterior hip replacement procedure

During this procedure, the surgeon will access your hip joint from just behind your femur. This method means no muscles get cut during the surgery, which permits a quicker recovery time. In addition, the surgeon's support for the posterior approach will indicate less muscle damage as the main advantage.

Anterior hip replacement procedure

Access is made via the front of your hip. This minimizes damage to the surrounding muscles and speeds up the recovery time. There has been a recent attraction to the anterior method as a muscle-sparing procedure. Surgeons backing this approach point to a quicker patient recovery time. There's also the significantly decreased possibility of the patient developing a limp.

Kinds of hip replacement materials

There are three different kinds of material used in hip replacement surgery:

  • Ceramic
  • Metal
  • Polyethylene

Your surgeon will select the best materials for your implant during your consultation.

These are some common types of hip surgery. Contact us today if you need an orthopedic surgeon in Altamonte Springs.