Benefits of Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Benefits of Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Benefits of Shoulder Replacement Surgery

Shoulder replacement surgery is not a new thing; it was first performed in the 50s to deal with shoulder fractures. Shoulder replacement, also known as arthroplasty, is the major surgery in which a single or all joint parts are changed. This surgery is performed by an orthopedic surgeon in Orange City on someone who cannot bear the pain and performs tasks with the shoulder. After the surgery, you will be able to regain range of motion without the debilitating pain. Recovery time for surgery is significant. Shoulder replacement surgery can alleviate your pain or fix injured areas, which can have many benefits on the quality of your life.

Reduces Pain

After shoulder replacement surgery, you eliminate daily pain that interferes with cooking, cleaning, dressing, showering, and driving. Healing takes time, so minor pain is to be expected after surgery. When you fully heal from surgery, you get rid of the pain you experienced before, which is a great development.

Medicines like opioids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs), and local anesthetics are available to reduce the pain. But taking opioids before surgery can lead to worse pain management. So stop taking this kind of medicine without consulting the health care team.

Reduced Weakness

During shoulder pain, you face weak muscles in your body. After surgery, those muscles will be stronger. It will make your life easier. Shoulder replacement surgery adds potential and energy to your body and makes you strong and active.

Improve Sleeping Routine

Before surgery, your sleeping routine was disturbed because you were in pain and unable to sleep well. Your routine will be established in the days following surgery, and you can fall asleep peacefully. But it cannot be easy in the initial days of surgery, but it will improve with good habits.

Quick Recovery

Physical therapy is also important in recovery when shoulder surgery replacement is done. A physical therapist can improve your shoulder and upper back movement before surgery. That’s why the movement of the shoulder remains strong until the time of surgery.  After your surgery, a physical therapist will guide you to what things you should avoid until the time of healing.

Joint Stabilization

Before surgery, rotator cuff tears and arthritis weaken the shoulder joint, causing aches, loss of motion, and instability. After surgery, you will get rid of these problems, and your joints will be strengthened and stabilized. You will be able to move your arm easily.

Better Quality of Life

After your surgery, you can do many activities such as golfing, riding, biking, swimming, walking for exercise, dancing, and just simple daily activities. Shoulder surgery replacement is a good step to reduce your pain, stiffness, and disability, which can drastically change the way you live your life.

These are a few benefits of choosing to undergo shoulder replacement surgery when you have suffered an injury or encounter chronic shoulder pain. If you are looking to see if you are a candidate for shoulder replacement surgery, trust our orthopedic surgeon in Orange City.

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