7 Common Types of Foot Surgery

7 Common Types of Foot Surgery

7 Common Types of Foot Surgery

If you're experiencing ankle or foot issues that do not respond well to more conservative treatments, your doctor will likely suggest orthopedic foot surgery. Unfortunately, there are times that surgery is the only solution to achieve long-term relief from disabling, persistent symptoms. The goal of orthopedic foot surgery is not simply to relieve chronic pain but will also help restore normal ankle or foot function. Our orthopedic surgeon in Orange City offers these common types of foot surgery:

Reconstructive surgery

A foot deformity can affect gait and balance and is commonly addressed through reconstructive surgery. Patients with a severe injury, rheumatoid arthritis, or osteoarthritis often require this type of surgery on their feet.

Achilles’ tendon repair

When you tear the thick tendon connecting your calf muscles to the back of your heel, surgery is often required to reconnect torn ends back together correctly. Achilles’ tendon ends can reconnect naturally without the need for surgery, but non-surgical treatments often result in a reoccurrence of the injury and a lengthier recovery. Athletes tend to choose surgery to repair this type of injury because of these problems.

Correction surgery for toe deformities

Severe hammertoes, calluses, corns, and bunions can cause disfigured feet. In addition, a toe deformity causes discomfort and pain and increases the risk of falls and other accidents that can cause injuries. Surgery is an excellent choice for repositioning and straightening out your toes so that you can walk properly again and not have pain.

Fusion surgery

Fusion surgery may be recommended when a joint is causing chronic pain and has extensive damage. Chronic pain is typically caused by bone scraping against bone when moving, allowing protective tissues and additional elements to degrade and no longer work properly. Fusion surgery is designed to remove any remaining cartilage and permanently fuse or join adjacent bone tissues with one another. This is done using screws and plates that enable a natural fusion process and prevent the type of movement that causes pain and additional symptoms.

Morton's neuroma surgery

When a mass of tissue grows around a nerve and causes severe pain in the ball of the foot and toes, it is a condition called Morton's neuroma. An orthopedic surgeon will either decompress your nerve or remove it altogether to relieve the burning, debilitating pain.

Foot fracture surgery

Complex foot fractures often require surgery, while other simple fractures can generally heal independently. There is a high rate of success with surgeries that address foot fractures.

Metatarsal surgery

Your orthopedic surgeon may suggest metatarsal surgery to repair deformities of the foot caused by rheumatoid arthritis, bunions, or other issues. This procedure requires cutting the metatarsal bone, repositioning it, and fastening it using screws, plates, or metal pins.

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