5 Signs You May Be Experiencing Osteoporosis

5 Signs You May Be Experiencing Osteoporosis

5 Signs You May Be Experiencing Osteoporosis

Do you constantly battle aches when you are moving your knees or hips? Are you struggling with mobility issues that hinder your ability to lead a normal life? You may be suffering from symptoms commonly associated with osteoporosis. As an orthopedic surgeon in Altamonte Springs, we treat many patients through their journey with osteoporosis, as it is a common condition that affects millions of people. These are a few signs that you may be experiencing osteoporosis.

You Easily Break Bones

Osteoporosis causes the bones to weaken and become brittle. In fact, many people may not even recognize this until they fall or trip, and they break their bones. Even mild stresses, like bending over or coughing, can even cause a fracture of the hip, wrist, or spine. When you find yourself frequently injured, you will want to seek treatment.

You Have a Stooped Posture

Because the bones become weaker more quickly, you may start to stoop more. This can cause your back to become bent and your posture to suffer. Whether you are standing or sitting, you may be bent over more to accommodate the weak bones and make yourself more comfortable. Because you are losing bone mass much more rapidly than other aging people, you will start to notice your posture try to compensate for that.

You Lose Height

When you have a stooped posture, you may also notice that you are losing inches off your height. Many doctors will take notice if you are losing height over time, as this is one of the tell-tale signs of osteoporosis. If you think you are getting shorter, you may want to talk to your health care provider. They can measure you and perform any bone density testing to determine the cause of this issue.

You Suffer from Back Pain

Many people that suffer from osteoporosis complain of frequent back pain and aches. When you feel constant pain in your lower back, you may be struggling to keep your bones healthy and strong. This can lead to a weaker spine, which can cause stress on the back. It may even prevent you from doing certain movements that cause more discomfort or pain.

You Notice Shortness of Breath

You may also suffer from shortness of breath. This can be caused by the compression of the discs in your spinal cord. Often times, you will notice back pain before you notice shortness of breath, but these two symptoms often go hand-in-hand. Your lungs will not be able to expand as much when you take deep breaths, and this can cause you to feel tension or shortness of breath. Make sure you talk to your health care provider if you notice any of these symptoms, as this can also be a sign of a heart attack and it should not be taken lightly.

When you are concerned about the risk of osteoporosis, you may want to be seen by an orthopedic surgeon in Altamonte Springs. We can look at your history, symptoms, and overall health to help diagnose and treat any of your pain and discomfort.

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