5 Signs Indicating that You Need a Hip Replacement

5 Signs Indicating that You Need a Hip Replacement

5 Signs Indicating that You Need a Hip Replacement

The hip joint is the most important and the largest joint in our body and plays a key role in maintaining our body posture. However, we play sports and get injured due to everyday activities. All these things may lead to severe hip pain. Sometimes, we get over those injuries and recover with the best rest and over-the-counter painkillers. And sometimes, it requires a complete hip replacement performed by a reputable orthopedic surgeon in Deland to get rid of that severe hip pain. These are a few signs that hip replacement surgery may be a suitable option for your lifestyle and health.

Stiffness in Hip Joints

Sometimes, it becomes difficult for you to stand for just a minute, and you cannot balance your weight against the door frame. These signs indicate that you are suffering from a hip issue. If you cannot lift your leg, it may be due to stiffness in your hip joints. In these situations, you must consult your surgeon and if he suggests a hip replacement, go for it immediately to get rid of severe hip pain.

Deformed or Damaged Hip Joints

Hip replacement is the cure if you have damaged or deformed hip joints. Patients having osteoarthritic issues can face agonizing symptoms of this disease. Therefore, it is wise to go for a hip replacement that can easily correct damaged joints before it becomes too late for you to recover from that injury.

Resolute Pain in Your Hip or Groin

If you are facing difficulty climbing stairs or getting up from your seat, you may have irritating issues in your hip joints. The severe pain you are facing is indicative of advanced hip arthritis. Therefore, it will be very difficult to fall asleep at night or get up early in the morning. Thus, you must consider a hip replacement to improve your health.

Hip Pains that Are Not Responding to Physical Therapy or Medication

If you have pain in your hip joints and are not responding to any physical therapy or medication, it will be a good option to choose surgery to cure it. Medication might solve the issues quickly, and injections used for relieving the pain may have effects for just a few days or months. Therefore, it becomes obligatory for you to have hip replacement surgery and take care of your health.

Inflammation or Swellings in Hip Joints

The symptoms of hip joint issues become very clear when your joints face a cartilage cell breakdown. You may face inflammatory arthritis that severely attacks your immune system, and you feel weakness in your joints. Other arthritis issues include Rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, and systemic lupus erythematosus. All these issues make it compulsory for you to undergo hip replacement surgery.

Hip joints are the key joints in our body, and any issue in these joints is indicative of low immunity and other problems. Several causes lead to problems in hip joints. If you are wondering if hip replacement surgery is a suitable option for your life, contact our orthopedic surgeon in Deland to hear more today.