Ways to Manage Your Arthritic Pain

Ways to Manage Your Arthritic Pain

Ways to Manage Your Arthritic Pain

Millions of Americans suffer from the pain and swelling associated with arthritis.  Many aging or elderly adults are plagued with this disease, which is characterized by the swelling and pain in your joints.  This occurs over time from the wear and tear of your cartilage, abnormalities in your metabolism, or even an infection or injury to your joints.  Because of the pain and discomfort associated with arthritis, many patients work with an experienced orthopedic surgeon in Lake Mary to manage their pain.  These are a few of the ways that many people manage their pain associated with arthritis.

Stay Active

It may seem counterintuitive to stay active when you are dealing with the pain of arthritis, but it is important to stay as active as you can.  Taking walks or performing some light exercises is vital in keeping your body fully functioning and strong.  When you stop exercising all together, your muscles may atrophy, and this can cause more harm than good.  Avoid pushing or challenging yourself to prevent further injury.

Manage Your Weight

No one likes to hear this one, but it is important for you to manage your weight.  By losing some of your excess weight, you can alleviate some of the pressure that you body places on your joints.  If you lose a little bit of your weight, you will likely feel more comfortable doing the exercises that are recommended by your doctor or physical therapist to avoid more pain.

Choose Low-Impact Activities

Low-impact activities can make a huge difference on your arthritic pain.  In fact, many people that suffer from arthritis are instructed to take up swimming, as it is a low-impact workout that is easy on the joints.  By taking the pressure off your joints, swimming enables you to move all the muscles in your body without any of the stress.

Use the Right Medications

There are many medications, both over-the-counter and prescription, that you can take to manage your pain associated with arthritis.  When you are dealing with a flare-up, you can take some ibuprofen to alleviate the pain and swelling.  Also, you can apply creams and lotions to the area to assist with temporary pain relief.

Talk to Your Orthopedic Surgeon in Lake Mary

One of the best things you can do is talk to an orthopedic surgeon about an individualized course of treatment for your arthritis.  Understanding your specific condition and symptoms will enable you to make the best choices for your health.

These are some of the ways that you can manage your pain related to your arthritis.  Arthritis is a common illness that requires many people to adjust their lifestyle, change their diet, and be aware of their movement to avoid pain and swelling.  If you are concerned about your arthritis, contact our orthopedic surgeon in Lake Mary to schedule an appointment with our experts today.