Three Types of Fractures and How to Treat Them

Three Types of Fractures and How to Treat Them

Three Types of Fractures and How to Treat Them

Breaking a bone just seems like a right of passage in your childhood.  However, you can break a bone at any stage of your life, and sometimes these breaks can also result in some serious side effects.  For that reason, you need to seek immediate medical treatment when you first break a bone, or suffer from a bone fracture.  Our orthopedic surgeon in Debary can treat you to determine the type of fracture and the right course of treatment.  These are a few types of fractures and how you should treat them.

Compound Fractures

A compound fracture occurs in a high-impact accident or injury, like a car accident or sports injury.  When you suffer from a compound fracture, you will suffer a bone break that also breaks through your skin.  This type of fracture requires immediate medical attention to set the bones and repair the wound.  You also need to be concerned about potential infection that can occur because of the wound.  Because of this danger, you need to have your wound treated and cleaned by a medical professional in a sterile environment.  You may also need surgery if the compound fracture was severe enough or the area has decreased blood supply.

Stress Fractures

Stress fractures occur as a result of increased stress on the bone.  This repeated stress and pressure will eventually lead the bone to break or fracture.  This is a common injury for athletes that engage in repeated motion for their sport, like running or tennis.  Stress fractures are also common in those that already have weakened bones, as the stress you place on them will only result in more frequent injury.  When you suffer from a stress fracture, you should seek medical attention to have your bone reset and cast.  If you have a stress fracture in your lower extremities, like legs and feet, you will also want to keep your weight off the affected area for a prolonged time.  This will allow your bones to fully heal.

Compression Fractures

Another type of fracture, a compression fracture, occurs in the vertebrate of your spine.  Over time, the bones in your spine may suffer from tiny cracks from bearing too much weight or pressure.  These tiny cracks, known as compression fractures, can cause intense bouts of pain in your back and neck.  When you feel any pain in these areas, you should seek treatment immediately to get to the root of the problem.  It is important to get an X-ray to determine that compression fractures are causing your pain.  Your doctors will then tell you the next steps to treat your pain safely, which may include rest, ice, and pain medication.

These are the most common types of fractures and how they are treated.  When you suffer from a fracture, you should seek medical attention from a specialist immediately.  Contact our orthopedic surgeon in Deland to schedule your appointment with us today.