Six Ways to Manage Your Hip Pain (Without Surgery)

Six Ways to Manage Your Hip Pain (Without Surgery)

Six Ways to Manage Your Hip Pain (Without Surgery)

Are you suffering from chronic hip pain that makes it difficult to sit down, stand up, or walk without feeling aches and pains?  Do you want to find relief from your pain so that you can live a normal life once again?  When you suffer from hip pain, you will want to seek the medical help from a trained and experienced orthopedic surgeon in Lake Mary.  To alleviate the pain related to your hip, there are a few things that you can do on your own without resorting to surgery.

Go to Physical Therapy

When you are looking to treat acute, you should consider working with a physical therapist.  They will work with you to create an individualized exercise, stretching, and fitness regimen that works to alleviate and treat pain.  When you do this regularly, you can strengthen your hip and improve the flexibility of your body without injury.

Exercise Regularly

In addition to physical therapy, you should also implement routine exercise into your everyday life.  Exercise will strengthen the hip and improve flexibility as well.  If you wish to exercise, you should speak with your surgeon or your therapist to ensure that you are implementing the right exercises.

Use Braces or Walkers

Using any kind of support system or physical aids, like braces and walkers, will help those with extreme pain.  Battling discomfort and excessive pain can make any movement unbearable, and physical aids will assist in removing some of the weight and pressure on the painful joints.  Walkers and braces also decrease the chances of falling and causing more injury and pain.

Get Injections

If you have intense pain, your orthopedic surgeon in Lake Mary may suggest injections, like steroids or hyaluronic acid.  These injections go directly into the affected joints and they reduce inflammation, which aids in alleviating pain for up to three months.

Lose Weight

Joints can become stressed and painful due to the stress and weight placed on them.  By losing weight, you put yourself in a healthier position to combat joint pain in your hips or knees.  Losing weight can actually significantly reduce the pain associated with any weight-bearing joints, like your hips.

Take Medications

Medications can also help to reduce inflammation and alleviate pain in your hip joints.  Many patients start with over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drugs, and then if those don't work, doctors may prescribe them something else.  These medications are often the first line of defense to combat symptoms related to arthritis, hip pain, and aging pain.

These are a few of the ways that you can manage your hip pain without resorting to surgery.  When you are working with an orthopedic surgeon in Lake Mary, you will likely try many pain management strategies before your doctor suggests therapy.  If you are dealing with chronic hip or joint pain, contact us to schedule your appointment today.