Six Benefits of a Walk-in Orthopedic Clinic

Six Benefits of a Walk-in Orthopedic Clinic

Six Benefits of a Walk-in Orthopedic Clinic

Have you suffered from a sports-related injury?  Do you suffer from arthritis, chronic hip pain, or another musculoskeletal illness?  When you have an orthopedic-related issue, you will want to trust the walk-in clinic at our orthopedic surgeon in Orange City.  The convenience of having access to our specialists allow patients to get quick assessment to their medical issues and concerns without compromises the quality.  These are some of the benefits of a walk-in orthopedic clinic.

Specialized Services

Visiting an emergency clinic, like a medical urgent care center, does not offer all the specialized services that an orthopedic clinic will offer.  If you have sustained an injury to your bones, muscles, or joints, you will want the right doctor to look at it.  Also, when you suffer from a musculoskeletal or nerve-related condition, suffer from chronic pain related to arthritis, or have sustained a sports-related injury, you want specialized doctors to take care of you.


The convenience of a walk-in clinic is perhaps one of its main benefits.  You can visit these clinics anytime you need to, which makes it easy for you to fit into your schedule when you are busy with other responsibilities.  This flexibility allows you to seek quality medical treatment whenever it works for you.

Less Money

Often, emergency room visits can be extremely expensive.  These services may even make you stray away from getting medical care.  However, our walk-in clinic means that you do not need to worry about expensive medical bills.  These services are much less money because they are directly in the surgeon’s facility, which means they are in control of all the financial-related decisions.

Extended Hours

Many walk-in clinics are open for longer hours than a routine primary care physician.  Because of these extended hours, many people with regimented work schedules, school, and other responsibilities can still make it work.  These extended hours make it much easier to get the medical care that you need and deserve.

On-Site Testing

Most family doctors do not have testing machines and capabilities on site.  This means that patients will need to go to testing facilities or send their samples to lab facilities so that they can get the information they need.   This can take time.  With our walk-in clinic, you can get X-rays, blood tests, and many more diagnostic tests so that you leave with the diagnosis and treatment you need to get better.

Quick Diagnoses

Because we offer testing capabilities on-site, we can provide you with a diagnosis shortly after you visit us.  Quicker diagnoses lead to more rapid treatment plans and quicker recovery.

These are just a few of the many benefits of a walk-in orthopedic clinic.  When you suffer from an acute injury to your bones, muscles, or joints or you suffer from chronic pain that needs to be immediately treated, visit the walk-in clinic at our orthopedic surgeon in Orange City.  Contact us to hear more about our walk-in clinic today.