Signs You May Have a Sprained Ankle

Signs You May Have a Sprained Ankle

Signs You May Have a Sprained Ankle

A sprained ankle is a common injury caused by twisting, rolling, or turning your ankle in an unusual manner. It can cause the tight bands of tissue that keep the ankle bones together, also called ligaments, to tear or stretch.  Ligaments aid to support joints and prevent excess movement.  A sprained ankle happens when the ligaments are pushed beyond their usual range of motion, and an orthopedic surgeon in Orange City can help you heal.   These are a few signs that indicate you may have sprained your ankle.


Ankle sprains that have extensive ligament injury may cause instability or a wobbling feeling in the ankle. And because ligaments in the ankles help to give joint stability, there's limited joint stabilization when they're strained or damaged.


A sprained ankle produces stiffness and limits your motion. The inflammation and pain that come about after an accident can hinder movement. To allow your ankle to recover, your podiatrist may urge you not to move it. Your podiatrist may also recommend an activity program to help you recover from your injury.

Tenderness and Pain

Pain is one of the most apparent indications of any injury. When an ankle sprain occurs, the area of the ankle that is damaged is often affected. If you sprain your deltoid ligament, for example, the inside of your ankle will pain. It's also typical to feel discomfort when putting weight on the affected foot or touching the injury.  This soreness is frequently quick and intense, and it intensifies when you bear weight. Its intensity might also vary depending on the level of tissue injury.

Bruising or Swelling

Sprained ankles develop when the strong ligaments that support your ankle joint are damaged. In many situations, this instantly causes your ankle to swell and even bruise. Swelling or discoloration in the area of ligament damage is common, as is pain and sensitivity from a sprain.

It's also safe to understand that increased swelling and pain imply a more severe injury.

Limited Movement

The majority of ankle sprains are caused when your foot twists too far inwards. The ligaments on the outside of your ankle become overstretched or tear due to this unnatural action.  In severe ankle sprains, one is likely to injure ligaments so severely that you are unable to flex, bend, or turn your foot. These injuries also make any weight-bearing activities, such as walking, difficult or even impossible.

If you feel pain and swelling in your ankle and suspect a sprain, you will want to see an orthopedic surgeon in Orange City. If the indications and symptoms are extreme, you may have major ligament or bone damage in your ankle or lower leg.   Contact Florida Bone and Joint to make an appointment or visit our walk-in clinic to be treated today.