How to Improve and Treat Hip Pain

How to Improve and Treat Hip Pain

How to Improve and Treat Hip Pain

Have you been experiencing hip pain that has limited your mobility or decreased your quality of life?  Hip pain can degrade the quality of your life to the point where you might need treatment from an orthopedic surgeon in Debary.  Hip pain can be caused from a range of issues, relating to either your hip joint, lower back, or the soft tissues in your hip area.  When you identify where the pain is coming from, it will become easier to treat.  These are a few ways to improve and treat your hip pain.


When you have hip pain, you will want to take some time to rest and relax.  Avoid bending over at the hip or putting a lot of pressure on your hip.  You should also avoid sleeping on your side so that you do not cause any additional pressure on your hip area.  By making small adjustments and taking the time to rest, you can decrease the pain and start to feel more comfortable.

Treat with Over-the-Counter Medications

Another at-home treatment for hip pain involves taking some over-the-counter medications to decrease swelling and pain.  You will want to try acetaminophen and ibuprofen to see what works best to treat your specific pain.  

Use Hold and Cold Treatments

Another way to reduce inflammation is to alternate hot and cold treatments.  Wrap an ice pack around the hip area or invest in a heating pad to lay over the hip joint.  Warm baths or showers can also loosen up the muscles and alleviate some of the pain.


Stretching your hip and the muscles around your hip can help to reduce pain, especially if is being caused by a pinched nerve.  By strengthening the muscles around weaker areas in your body, you also reduce the chances of injuring yourself in the future.

Use Crutches

If the pain in your hip has become so intense that you have trouble walking, you may want some assistance from crutches.  When you use crutches, you minimize the pressure and weight you place on your hip, which can help you get around without worrying about pain or injury.


If you suffer from hip pain that has been diagnosed from another condition or illness, you may be a candidate for hip replacement surgery.  Although this is a more aggressive form of treatment, it can be suggested if you suffer from arthritis, a pinched nerve, a bone break, a labral tear, or cancer-related pain.

These are a few ways to improve and treat the pain in your hip.  When you experience hip pain, you may struggle to get around and accomplish everyday tasks.  If this sounds like pain you are experiencing, you will want to talk with an orthopedic surgeon in Debary.  Contact us to schedule your consultation and get the treatment you need today.