Four Tips to Promote Overall Bone Health

Four Tips to Promote Overall Bone Health

Four Tips to Promote Overall Bone Health

Keeping your bones healthy is a topic that many people are not aware of until it is necessary.  Once they suffer from broken bones, bone-related illnesses, or osteoporosis, they are quickly made aware of the activities they need to be doing to increase their bone health.  However, there is nothing wrong with starting your journey to bone health today.  As an orthopedic surgeon in Deltona, we urge our patients to implement certain things into their lifestyle to strengthen their bones.  These are a few tips you should follow to promote overall bone health.

Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking and drinking alcohol are two bad habits that you doctor will advise you to quit when they notice issues with your bones.  These substances decrease bone density, causing bone loss and weaknesses.  When they are abused over time, they can eventually lead to weakened bones and make you more susceptible to breakage or other bone conditions.

Develop Healthy Sleeping Habits

Sleep can improve both your physical and mental health drastically.  When you develop healthy sleeping habits, you and your bones will benefit greatly.  This has especially been proven in women, who are more prone to developing osteoporosis and losing bone density more quickly than men as they age.  Women that lose sleep at night have been proven to lose much more bone density than women that have healthier sleeping habits.

Practice Strength Training

Performing strength training exercises at least three times a week can help to increase your overall bone density.  Strength training has additional benefits on your physical health, like strengthening your muscles and improving coordination and flexibility.  All these benefits will work to prevent injuries that can be caused by weakened joints, which often leads to trips and falls.  Some of the low-impact exercises, like swimming and walking, are even better for the body, as they have less stress on your joints and your bones.  

Increase Your Calcium

Many people are aware that calcium helps to grow strong and healthy bones, but do you know how to get enough of it in your diet?   Drinking milk is not the only way to ensure that you get the calcium you need to strengthen your bones.  You can also get it from yogurt, cheese, bread, and green vegetables.  Many people take calcium supplements when they have a family history of osteoporosis or when they suffer from issues with their skeletal system.  This is an important addition to your diet to promote strong bones and strong teeth, which are two important features of your body to care for as you age.

By following these tips, you can strengthen your bones.  Having healthy bones can prevent injuries that are caused by weakening bones or limited mobility.  When you have issues with your bones or you suffer from bone or joint pain, contact our orthopedic surgeon in Deltona to discuss treatment options today.