Four Specialties Offered at Florida Bone and Joint

Four Specialties Offered at Florida Bone and Joint

Four Specialties Offered at Florida Bone and Joint

Are you looking for a specialist to treat your hip pain, sports injury, or arthritis?  Do you want to be treated for a specific issue related to your muscles, bones, or joints?  At Florida Bone and Joint, an orthopedic surgeon in Deltona, offer our specialized services to help our patients overcome, alleviate, and manage their musculoskeletal concerns.  Our professionals are specialized doctors and physicians that provide quality and expert medical care for a range of issues.  There are four main specialties of orthopedics that we treat at Florida Bone and Joint.

Sports Medicine

Many people come to Florida Bone and Joint to have their sports injuries treated, have preventative sports-related treatments, or manage their sports-related aches and pains.  Athletes that suffer from sports injuries, like rotator cuff tears and ACL tears, will want to have this specifically treated by a sports medicine physician.  Our medical team is trained in diagnostics and treatment options for those impacted by sports-related injuries and concerns.  We work to provide you with solutions that will get you back to your normal, active lifestyle as soon as it is safe to do so.

Upper Extremities

The Upper Extremity Center focuses on treating aches, pains, and injuries related to the arm.  We work to provide you with pain management solutions so that you can gain full mobility of your arm once again.  Our medical experts have advanced training in diagnostics and treatment options, both surgical and non-surgical, to treat arm and hand-related issues.  These treatments provide our patients with the ability to live a healthier, pain-free lifestyle.

General Orthopedics

We offer specialized services that meet the needs of patients with a range of ages, mobility, and illnesses.  Our medical team provides specialized treatment plans and options that are tailored to each diagnosis to provide them the most effective and informed medical care possible.  We use the most advanced equipment and innovative diagnostic tools to treat our patients with utmost care so they can live a more full life.

Foot and Ankle

The Foot and Ankle Center diagnoses and treats patients that are dealing with issues in their lower extremities, especially in the feet and ankles.  We help patients overcome challenges with mobility and flexibility that impede their ability to live day-to-day life.  Our in-depth analyses, extensive treatment options, and advanced equipment allows us to provide quality medical care that aims to provide our patients with a better quality of life.

These are the four main orthopedic medical services that are offered at Florida Bone and Joint.  As an expert and reputable orthopedic surgeon in Deltona, we help many patients manage their pain related to a range of issues, like sports injuries, arthritis, shoulder and hip pain, and more.  Contact us to hear more about our orthopedic services today.