Four Foot Issues that May Have You Calling a Specialist

Four Foot Issues that May Have You Calling a Specialist

Four Foot Issues that May Have You Calling a Specialist

Have you felt aches, pains, and discomfort in your foot, or feet, lately?  Foot issues are common, and they range from inflammation, pains, aches, infections, muscle strains, and athletic injuries that can have devastating effects on your ability to walk, run, or even move.  When you suffer from a foot issue that continues to persist, you will want to seek the help of foot and ankle specialists at our orthopedic surgeon in Altamonte Springs.  These specialists will provide you with a better understanding of your pain, issues, and concerns so you can seek the treatment or cure.  There are a few common foot issues that should prompt you to pick up the phone and contact a foot specialist soon.


One of the most common conditions that could affect your feet is arthritis.  Arthritis can cause bone and joint pain, swelling, and discomfort that can lead to an inactive lifestyle.  Because arthritis typically affects older adults, you will want to seek treatment options as soon as you suspect arthritis.  Medications, therapy, and maybe surgery are a few possible treatment courses.


Gout is a more severe case of arthritis that causes sudden and severe attacks of pain at the base of the big toe.  It will cause redness, inflammation, and tenderness in the joints of your foot.  Typically, those who suffer from gout will experience the most pain at night, which will prompt them to take anti-inflammatory medications to become more comfortable.  Treatment options also include behavioral modifications and medications prescribed by a specialist.

Plantar Fasciitis

Many people complain of the heel pain caused by the symptoms of plantar fasciitis.  When the ligament called your plantar fascia, which is on the bottom of your foot, becomes inflamed, it can lead to acute pain in your heel.  This can prevent you from wanting to be on your feet during the day, as it's usually pain felt first thing in the morning.  This can be treated with anti-inflammatory medications or steroid treatments.


If you notice large bumps on the joint of your big toe, you may have bunions.  Bunions, referred to as hallux valgus, can also cause your big toe to bend slightly inward, which can be uncomfortable or even painful.  These large bumps are typically caused by pressure from squeezing into narrow footwear or wearing shoes that are too small.  If you have severe bunions, you will want to see a specialist, as you may want custom shoe inserts or splints.

These are some of the most common foot issues that may cause you to reach out to a foot and ankle specialist to seek treatment.  When you suffer from one of these foot problems, you will want to talk with our expert orthopedic surgeon in Altamonte Springs.  Contact us to schedule an appointment and have your foot checked out today.