Four Benefits of Getting Joint Replacement Surgery

Four Benefits of Getting Joint Replacement Surgery

Four Benefits of Getting Joint Replacement Surgery

Are you tired of being in constant pain when you move?  Do you have limited mobility due to pain in your knees or hips?  Have you been suffering from arthritis for many years?  Many people that have been suffering from pain in their joints due to chronic illness or acute injury opt to have joint replacement surgery to repair the issue.  Our orthopedic surgeon in Orange City works with many patients to provide them with a better quality of life that is pain-free and mobile once they get a joint replacement.  There are a few benefits of getting joint replacement surgery that may help you better understand whether it's the right choice for you.

Less Relying on Pain Medicine

Many people that are dealing with chronic joint pain take pain medications for many years to alleviate the pain.  Some people take this medication just to take away the extreme discomfort.  Over time, they may build up a tolerance to certain medications, which means they will need to continue taking stronger medicine as time progresses.  Once your doctor has seen that medication is no longer treating your pain, they may suggest getting joint replacement surgery so that you can live a more pain-free lifestyle.

Minimally Invasive Procedures

Joint replacement surgeries are highly advanced procedures that are also minimally invasive.  This provides people with a sigh of relief, as the surgery is just a routine procedure that won't actually leave much of a scar when it's all done.  This reduces the risk of complications and blood loss during the actual procedure, since it only requires a small incision in order to replace the joint.

High Success Rates

This joint replacement surgery has high success rates, which provides those who are considering it with the peace of mind that they are in good hands.  Many surgeons actually perform hundreds, if not thousands, of these surgeries over their lifetime.  Also, as time progresses, the procedure becomes even more advanced and less invasive, leading to better patient outcomes, less complaints, and more comfort over time.

Better Quality of Life

Many people actually consider getting joint replacement surgery because it will provide them with a better quality of life.  They are growing tired of dealing with the pain they experience in their joints every single day, or they have such a limited range of motion that they can no longer perform basic functions.  

These are just a few of the benefits of getting joint replacement surgery when you are eligible and have talked through the options with your orthopedic surgeon in Orange City.  Joint replacement surgeries are often done on hips and knees in those that are suffering from chronic pain.  If you are looking into this as a treatment option for your pain, contact us to hear more today.