Five Tips to Manage Chronic Knee Pain

Five Tips to Manage Chronic Knee Pain

Five Tips to Manage Chronic Knee Pain

Are you suffering from knee pain?  Have you recently sustained a knee injury that has caused pain when you walk?  Do you have debilitating arthritis that is localized on your knee?  Many events or situations can lead to knee pain, and this can make it difficult to stand up, sit down, or walk around.  When you suffer from knee pain, you will want to schedule a meeting with your orthopedic surgeon in Lake Mary to hear your treatment options.  Until your appointment, these are a few tips to alleviate your knee pain.

Get the Right Shoes

When you are already suffering from knee pain, check your shoes to ensure they aren't making your pain worse.  Shoes with proper arch, cushion, and support will provide you with the stabilization that you need to keep your joints safe when you are walking.  The right shoes can also prevent tripping and falling accidents, and these are extremely common in those who suffer from knee pain.

Lose Weight

Although many people might not want to hear this, it may be time for you to lose that nagging extra weight.  You do not need to reach your ideal weight, but small changes can still make a huge difference.  This will help to reduce the stress on your knee, which can significantly reduce the pain you feel when you are moving around.

Practice RICE

When you are feeling pain in your joints, muscles, and bones, you will want to practice the RICE method.  Rest, ice, compress, and elevate.  These are four tips that you should follow anytime you are feeling pain in your knee.  By resting and elevating the knee, you give yourself time to heal.  Icing the joint will also reduce the inflammation temporarily.  All of these methods used together will alleviate your pain quicker and help your body heal.

Use a Walking Aid

When your pain becomes so severe that you struggle to walk, you should consider using a walking aid to help you get around.  This can reduce the stress that you need to place on your knee, which can alleviate the pain that you may feel when you overwork your joints.  Canes, walkers, and crutches are great for taking the pressure off your joints so that you can feel less pain without sacrificing your mobility.  

Avoid Too Much Resting

Whenever you struggle with chronic knee pain, you may think that staying off your knee is actually the best thing for you.  However, you want to be mindful that there is such a thing as too much rest.  Without exercising and moving your knee, you can cause the pain to become worse when you do actually need it.  Perform small movements and exercises prescribed by your doctor or physical therapist.

These are a few of the ways that you can alleviate knee pain when you are struggling to move or get around.  Knee pain is common in those that suffer from arthritis, as it is a frequently used joint in your body.  If you are experiencing any joint pain, contact our expert orthopedic surgeon in Lake Mary to schedule your appointment today.