Five Steps to Avoid Sports Injuries

Five Steps to Avoid Sports Injuries

Five Steps to Avoid Sports Injuries

Are you an athlete that plays a contact sport?  Have you suffered from previous sports-related injuries in the past?  Whether you are an athlete that has prior injuries or not, you should still understand how to take care of your body to prevent injuries when you are playing.  Athletes are tough, but they can also be persistent and determined.  By taking the right precautions and talking to sports medicine experts at your orthopedic surgeon in Orange City, you can learn the right ways to stay healthy and safe on the field.  There are five steps that can help you avoid sports injuries.

Don't Skip the Warm Up

Stretching prepares your muscles to engage in higher-intensity sports, so it is an important part of your practice and games.  Take the time to loosen up your muscles to prevent stiffness, which can lead to injuries.  When you warm up with light activity and specific exercises or stretches, you can engage your muscles properly before you boost their engagement during the game.

Get the Right Equipment

When you are playing sports, you want to invest in the right protective equipment to prevent injuries.  This equipment is designed specifically to target high-risk areas for the type of sport you are playing.  You may need proper helmets, joint-protecting pads, shoes, and face or eye guards.  Talk to your coaches and doctor to ensure you the right quality of equipment you need to stay safe.

Hydrate Yourself

Not only can water enhance your athletic performance, but it can also reduce your risk of injury.  When you stay hydrated, you provide your body with proper nutrients and electrolytes.  This regulates your blood pressure, improves your circulation, and provides you with clarity.  Dehydration, on the other hand, can lead to muscle fatigue, which can greatly increase the risk of injury.  

Learn the Techniques

Practice makes perfect, especially when it comes to sports.  By learning the right techniques, moves, and exercises you need to play your particular sport, you will be able to move your body properly.  Perfecting your techniques reduces the risk of injury.  Hastily going through the motions can cause rapid movements that lead to injury.

Cool Down after Practice

After the game or practice, take the time to cool down before you move onto the next activity.  Give your body some time to heal and repair before you engage in the next practice or sport.  By overexerting your body, you can cause injuries from repetitive movements or overuse injuries.  Be sure to listen to your body and give it time to rest, wind down, stretch, and cool down after an exerting practice or game.

By taking these steps, you can work to prevent sports-related injuries from occurring when you are on the field or court.  Talk to a local sports medicine specialist at your orthopedic surgeon in Orange City to get the help you need.  Contact Florida Bone and Joint to schedule you appointment today.