Five of the Most Commonly Fractured Bones in the Body

Five of the Most Commonly Fractured Bones in the Body

Five of the Most Commonly Fractured Bones in the Body

Are you concerned with your bone health?  Do you worry that you've fractured or broken one of the bones in your body after you've fallen or suffered an accident?  Some bones in our bodies are more susceptible to breakage, despite how strong they all truly are.  Due to overuse, extreme pressure or force, or other accidents, bones can break and cause you to need the help of an orthopedic surgeon in Deltona.  These are some of the most commonly fractured bones in the human body that lead patients to our doors.


Ankle fractures actually make up about a fifth of the bone fractures that doctors see which make it one of the most common.  The ankle joint is made up of three different bones, and these are commonly injured during many sports.  Athletes that engage in sports like dancing, soccer, basketball, or snowboarding are more likely to put pressure and weight on their ankles and cause fractures to the bones.


Although all bone fractures are painful, collarbone fractures are some of the most painful.  This fracture is caused when the long, slender bone that connects your breastbone to your shoulder is injured.  It often occurs in those who play sports, fall down, or are involved in a car accident.  Common symptoms of a collarbone include swelling, tenderness, bulging shoulder, bruising, grinding, or inability to move your shoulder.


The forearm is another commonly fractured bone, as it can occur in many different places along the bone.  From the wrist to the elbow, the bone extends along the first half of your arm, making it susceptible to injury when you fall, hit your arm with extensive force, or are involved in an auto accident.  This type of injury is actually extremely common in children, as they tend to fall and brace themselves when they do so, causing extra pressure on the forearm.


Hip fractures are common in elderly people, as their bones tend to become more brittle and sensitive to injury as they age.  When they fall, they may cause injuries to the upper portion of their thighbone, which results in a hip break or fracture.  When a patient is unable to put weight on one side of their leg, experiencing extreme hip pain, or having bruising in the hip area, they may have suffered a hip fracture.


Many people visit the emergency room each year complaining of wrist breakage or wrist fractures.  These common injuries occur in those that engage in high-intensity sports or those who suffer from osteoporosis.  Symptoms of wrist fractures include bruising, bending, swelling, tenderness, and severe pain.

These are some of the most commonly fractured bones in the body and how they may feel or affect our patients.  As an orthopedic surgeon in Lake Mary, we can provide you with quality care and aide in your treatment and speedy recovery.  Contact our specialists to make your appointment if you have a bone fracture today.