Five Common Services Offered at Bone and Joint Centers

Five Common Services Offered at Bone and Joint Centers

Five Common Services Offered at Bone and Joint Centers

Are you looking for quality sports medicine doctors?  Do you need to seek physical therapy to recover from an injury?  Are you suffering from chronic joint pain?  When you have an issue related to your bones, muscles, and joints, our orthopedic surgeon in Deltona is here to help.  Our center in Deltona offers a range of quality services so that you can receive the diagnosis, treatment, therapy, or surgery to alleviate pain and live a comfortable life.  These are some of the most common services that we offer at Florida Bone and Joint.


We perform X-rays and other imaging tests right on site when we are concerned that you have an injury to your bones or joints.  These images can then provide our doctors with the information they need to make diagnoses and prescribe treatment.  When you go directly to the specialists, you will not have to wait long to receive the correct medical treatment for your injury, pain, and suffering.


It is not a surprise that bone and joint centers will also offer surgery on site.  When these specialists have determined that surgery is part of your course of treatment to remedy your medical conditions, we will be able to perform these surgeries ourselves.  Many outpatient procedures, like some joint replacement surgeries, can be taken care of without ever needing to go to the larger hospitals.

Sports Medicine

Most bone and joint centers will also offer sports medicine specialists to treat injures, conditions, or concerns that stem from activity and sports.  When you are an athlete, you want to have a specialist treat your injuries and provide you with the best course of treatment so you can return safely to your sport.  Sports medicine doctors have the background to help you prevent and rehabilitate injuries so you can gain pain-free range of motion once again.

Bracing and Casting

Many of our patients will come to use with fractures or sprains.  This may require stabilization or setting of the bones in order to recover and heal.  We perform many bracing and casting services right here in our center so that you can resume your life as normally as possible when you leave.  If you suffer from a fall, injury at work, or injury on the field, you will want to go straight to the bone and joint center to check for a fracture or break in the bones.

Physical Therapy

When you have recently suffered from an injury or had surgery, you may have a journey of rehabilitation ahead of you.  Our physical therapists can provide you with the exercise and stretching program that will facilitate this recovery.  Many centers will offer these services directly on site so that our specialists can work with you throughout your recovery and healing process.

When you want to be treated for any pain, injury, or concerns related to your musculoskeletal system, you will want to go an orthopedic surgeon in Deltona.  At bone and joint centers, you can receive the specialized treatment you need to heal and recover.  Contact Florida Bone and Joint to hear about our services today.