Three Tips on How to Prevent Lower Back Pain when You Work a Desk Job

Three Tips on How to Prevent Lower Back Pain when You Work a Desk Job

Three Tips on How to Prevent Lower Back Pain when You Work a Desk Job

Whether you are working from home or you are working in the office, sitting at a desk all day long can cause discomfort and pain in your lower back.  This lower back pain can worsen as time goes on, which can make it unbearable to get up and down from your chair and do basic exercises after the work day is over.  This can create many issues related to a lack of exercises or repetitive motions.  As an orthopedic surgeon in Deltona, we assist many patients with their lower back pain so that they can live more comfortably.  There are a few tips you should follow if you suffer from lower back pain related to working at a desk all day long.

Consider Your Set Up

Lower back pain can be caused by a range of issues.  Consider the right set up for your desk so that you minimize the chances for pain by sitting all day long.  Set your desk and your chair at the right height so that you won't need to bend, slouch, stretch, or even lean forward.  Invest in a comfortable desk chair that has lower back support.  If you are suffering from back pain, roll up a towel or place a pillow at your lower back so that you have additional support.

Don't Strain Your Shoulders or Wrist

Keep your keyboard at a proper distance so that you can relax your shoulders and your wrists.  If you strain your shoulders, arms, or wrists, you will actually start to feel this tension in your lower back as well.  The pain will likely start in your neck and then start to work its way down your back.  Avoid this by being sure to relax your shoulders and keep everything within a close distance.

Take Breaks or Adjust Your Position

When you are feeling tension or pain in your back during the work day, don't ignore this feeling.  Take frequent breaks and adjust your position whenever it's necessary.  By ignoring the feeling and pain, you will actually just continue to make it worse.  Even if you are engrossed in the work day, take time to listen to your body so that you can adjust your position, stretch, or even take a little walk around the house or office.  This break will give your back a much-needed break from being tense, which can alleviate the pain quickly.

By following these few tips, you can spare yourself some lower back pain after sitting at a desk job all day long each and every week.  When you suffer from lower back pain, it can cause a strain on your ability to move and lower your motivation when it comes to exercising or even basic household chores.  Contact our expert orthopedic surgeon in Deltona if you are battling chronic lower back pain and get the right treatment and advice to better your life today.