Three Symptoms of a Herniated Disk

Three Symptoms of a Herniated Disk

Three Symptoms of a Herniated Disk

Are you suffering from back pain when you bend over, exercise, or even just stand up from a sitting position?  Do you feel a tingling sensation that makes your back feel numb when you are moving?  These issues can cause you to struggle with moving and become defeated even before you get up to start your day.  They can also be signs of a herniated disk.  The disks, or rubbery cushions between our vertebrae, can sometimes cause problems that end up irritated nearby nerves, causing extreme pain in your arms of legs.  If you've been experiencing pain, tingling, or numbness in any of your limbs, you'll want to contact an orthopedic surgeon in Lake Mary to be checked out.  There are three symptoms that might indicate that you have a herniated disk and should seek medical attention.


A herniated disk can cause pain in your extremities, such as your legs, arms, neck, or foot.  This pain is often made worse during times of high activity.  The location of your herniated disk will determine where in your body you will feel pain.  For example, a herniated disk in your upper back will likely affect the arms, whereas the disk located in the lower spine will likely cause issues with your legs or feet.  This pain could be sharp, stabbing, or burning.  Also, it can be triggered by quick movements associated with coughing or sneezing.  Often times, patients complain about their pain at nighttime, especially after a day involving exercise or physical exertion.

Numbness or Weakness

Many patients also complain of weakness in the affected extremities, which can also cause a numb sensation.  Those that suffer from pain in their lower extremities, like hips, butt, legs, and feet, may indicate that the herniated disk is affecting the sciatic nerve.  If this is the case, you may even have trouble walking or standing up after periods of inactivity.

Tingling Sensations

It is also common to feel tingling sensations in the areas that are affected by that nerve.  This tingling sensation can radiate through your leg or arm, or it can feel like an overall tingling sensation that lingers for a long while.  This symptom is also usually accompanied by the numb or weak feeling as well.  Many patients that suffer from the tingling feeling will also complain of pain that lasts through the night or day, depending on their level of activity.  This sensation may also cause them to avoid physical activity, which can have other side effects on their health.

These are three of the most common symptoms of a herniated disk, which can be extremely painful if you don't seek medical attention.  Sometimes this can be remedied with proper exercise, therapy, and medications, but other times you may need to have surgery.  If you have back pain and suspect that you have a herniated disk, you'll want to contact our quality orthopedic surgeon in Lake Mary.  Contact us to hear about how we can help you today.