Four Tips to Maximize Your Recovery from Orthopedic Surgery

Four Tips to Maximize Your Recovery from Orthopedic Surgery

Four Tips to Maximize Your Recovery from Orthopedic Surgery

Have you recently scheduled a surgery with your orthopedic surgeon?  Are you in need of a hip or knee replacement, bone fusion, or spinal surgery?  Although the surgery itself may have you stressed out, you should try to focus your energy on what you can do to recover properly after the surgery is completed.  When you have surgery at Florida Bone and Joint, our orthopedic surgeon in Deland will prepare you with the best recovery strategies to help you cope after surgery.  There are a few tips to follow in order to maximize your recovery from an orthopedic surgery.

Move Safely

When you are recovering from surgery, it is critical to follow the advice your surgeon has given you.  You will want to start moving the body parts that weren't affected by surgery.  If you got surgery on your legs, make sure you are moving your arms and torso.  Only move the surgery site as recommended by your doctor.  You should only stand or walk whenever your surgeon has told you it is safe to do so.  Whenever you do get moving, be sure to stay consistent with your exercises.

Ask For Help

Although this may sound like difficult advice for some people, it is important that you feel comfortable asking others for help.  When you are recovering from surgery, you will not be able to perform at your typical speed or do things that you typically do.  This will require assistance from others in order to accomplish some daily goals.  For example, you may need help getting and eating food, moving to and from the bathroom, and so forth.  Don't feel guilty asking for help when you are recovering from surgery.

Eat Nutritious Foods

When you are recovering from orthopedic surgery, you want to be sure that you are fueling your body with proper and nutritious foods.  Vitamins and minerals will help assist you through the healing process.  You will want to choose nutrient rich foods, such as lean meats, fish, and vegetables.  Avoid foods that are processed or high in sugar, as they will make you sluggish.  Foods that are rich in protein, such as lean meats and eggs, will help you recover from orthopedic surgery by helping support your musculoskeletal system.

Rest When You're Tired

If you are feeling tired, it is important for you to listen to your body and get some rest.  This can include taking more naps than usual, sleeping in, or even just resting on the couch.  Rest will help your body recover and repair.  However, you want to be sure that you are engaging in the proper amount of rest, for watching too much TV can affect your body's ability to get restful sleep.  Be sure that you are still moving your body during the daytime, and resting whenever you're body tells you to.

By following these four tips, you can optimize your recovery after you go through an orthopedic surgery.  To best regain your movement, balance, and coordination, it is best to follow the instructions given to you by your surgeon and team of doctors.  This way, you will prevent any injuries or damages that could occur if you try to heal too fast or engage in the wrong movements.  If you are suffering from pain related to your bones, joints, or muscles, contact our orthopedic surgeon in Deland today to hear about how we can help you alleviate your pain and get moving again.