Four Tips to Follow When Recovering from Orthopedic Surgery

Four Tips to Follow When Recovering from Orthopedic Surgery

Four Tips to Follow When Recovering from Orthopedic Surgery

When you need to have orthopedic surgery on your bones and joints, you should prepare for some type of recovery journey.  Regaining your full mobility may take a lengthy amount of time and involve rehabilitation therapy after you have a procedure.  Common orthopedic surgeries include hip replacements, total knee replacements, sports injury correction surgeries, shoulder surgery, or ACL repair surgery.  These often involve major joints in the body that can affect your ability to walk or limit your range of motion.  As a premiere orthopedic surgeon in Lake Mary, we recommend our patients follow these few tips to safely recover from orthopedic surgery.

Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help

When your mobility is limited, you shouldn't be afraid to ask for help.  In fact, you may even want to arrange for family or friends to stay with you during your recovery.  They will be able to assist you with your basic needs, which will decrease your chances of damaging your recovery process or pushing yourself too far.  During your recovery, you might require help getting up and down, reaching for items, climbing stairs, or even eating food.  You will want a support system in place during your recovery from a major surgery.  

Rest When You Are Tired

Many people who engage in orthopedic surgery may become antsy to get back to their normal routine.  This lack of patience can actually make the recovery process go on longer than necessary.  It is advised to listen to your body and rest when you are tired.  Don't be afraid to take naps when you don't need to be rehabbing your injuries or moving.  Resting can be the best way to restore and regain your strength.  It will also prevent injuries that are associated with getting back on your feet too soon.

Eat Healthy

Even though you will be resting more, you should also continue taking care of yourself by eating a nutritional diet.  This is especially important when your body is recovering from a surgery.  Providing your body with energy, minerals, and nutrients will help keep it nourished, which will give it the energy to heal.

Follow Your Therapy

By engaging the therapy plan that is set forth by your orthopedic doctors and physical therapists, you will be able to rehabilitate your body after surgery.  This will help you rebuild your muscles and regain your strength.  Typically, you will be advised to start slow and then you will eventually be able to add more rigorous exercises into your routine.  

These are just a few of the tips you should follow when you are recovering from a major orthopedic surgery.  Each and every surgery and patient will vary slightly, so always be sure to listen to the advice of your orthopedic surgeon in Lake Mary before and after your procedure.  They will likely provide you with much information on what to expect during this journey.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our top orthopedic surgeons.