Four Tips for Improving Your Bone Health

Four Tips for Improving Your Bone Health

Four Tips for Improving Your Bone Health

Our bodies are supported by its skeletal system.  This gives us our posture, mobility, structure, and strength.  It is incredibility important to take care of our bones in order to keep them in optimal health throughout your life.  However, it can be easy to forget about what we can't see, until we can feel the pain.  As an orthopedic surgeon in Lake Mary, we recommend taking care of your bone health each and every day.  This will prevent issues like osteoporosis and easy breakage.  Here are a few tips you should follow to improve your bone health.

Eat Foods that Encourage Bone Health

One of the easiest ways to take care of your bone health is to eat a diet rich in bone-building foods.  Aim to eat foods high in calcium, such as yogurt, cheese, and dark leafy vegetables.  Also, balance your diet with many different fruits and vegetables.  These foods contain many nutrients and minerals that boost strong bones.  Also, you'll want to avoid habits like drinking alcohol, as these have negative effects on your bone health.

Go Outside

When you spend more time outside in the sun, you are actually helping your bones to stay strong and healthy.  The sun provides your body with vitamin D, which is essential for absorbing that calcium into your bones.  It is recommended that you spend at least 5 to 30 minutes outdoors in the sun 3-4 times per week.  This will provide you with the vitamin D your body needs to absorb calcium into your bones.

Maintain Healthy Body Weight

By staying fit and maintaining your healthy body weight, you won't put extra stress on your bones.  This will help them stay in optimal shape.  Exercises, such as walking, jogging, and weight lifting, also work to strengthen your bones.  Coupled with the right nutrition, exercise plays a vital role in keeping your bones healthy and strong.

Choose the Right Supplements

Often times, we don't get enough calcium in our everyday diets to fully support strong bones.  Because of this, it is advised to take vitamin supplements to increase your calcium intake.  Calcium is the most important vitamin for your bone health, and it is necessary in keeping them strong.  Talk with your doctor before taking any supplements, as you'll want to assess the best dosage for your needs.

These are just a few things you should implement into your daily life in order to improve your bone health.  Keeping your bones in strong and healthy condition will prevent unnecessary injuries or early degradation.  If you notice bone pain or loss of mobility, you'll want to schedule an appointment with the best orthopedic surgeon in Lake Mary to be assessed.  Contact us today to hear more about how you can take care of your bones.