Four Stages of Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery

Four Stages of Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery

Four Stages of Knee Replacement Surgery Recovery

Do you have a knee replacement surgery scheduled for the near future?  Are you anxious about your upcoming knee replacement surgery?  Knowing what to expect from your knee replacement surgery and fully understanding the journey of recovery will prepare you for what's ahead.  As a top orthopedic surgeon in Deland, we perform many knee and partial knee replacement surgeries that restore mobility in many of our patients.  This alleviates pain and limited mobility that is most frequently caused by arthritis and aging.  Before you get knee replacement surgery, you should know what to expect during the recovery process.   There are a few stages to the recovery process after a knee replacement surgery.

After Surgery in the Hospital

Many people may be surprised to know that recovery from knee replacement surgery begins right away.  Many patients will be required to stay in the hospital for two days following the procedure.  Typically, hospital staff will provide you with medications to ease your pain, as they will also want to get your knee joint moving once again.  This starts out minimally, even with your leg simply dangling from the bed.  This movement is essential in starting the recovery process.

At Home after Surgery

With such a short hospital stay after a major surgery, the bulk of your recovery process will actually be at home.  Once you begin to return to your normal routine, you will need to practice balance and stability.  Simple tasks, like standing, sitting, moving between rooms, and using the bathroom are all parts of your recovery process.  

Outpatient Physical Therapy

Often times, your doctor will prescribe you with outpatient physical therapy to help you rehabilitate your knee joint.  Your therapist will work with you to increase your mobility over time.  Sometimes, however, they may even trust you to perform these exercises at home without the assistance of a therapist.  This is typically only when you are progressing with outpatient therapy and can safely perform more rigorous movements on your own.

Exercise and Physical Activity

The final phase of the recovery process is reintegrating into a normal exercise regimen and engaging in your normal physical activity.  Typically, this is recommended about 8-12 weeks after a knee replacement surgery, as that is typically how long it takes to trust your knee once again.  Even though you may receive the clearance to return to your normal exercise habits, your joint is typically not fully recovered for up to a year after surgery, so you'll want to use caution for many months.  

These are the main stages of the recovery process after knee replacement surgery.  As a premiere orthopedic surgeon in Deland, we aim to educate our patients by preparing them for what to expect before, during, and after any procedures performed at Florida Bone and Joint.  This helps to alleviate any anxiety associated with medical procedures, and it also prepares them for what's ahead.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment with our doctors.