Four Common Types of Hand Surgery

Four Common Types of Hand Surgery

Four Common Types of Hand Surgery

Are you suffering from pain in the hands or wrist, inflammation of your hands, or even deformities that make hand usage difficult?   Your hands are needed to perform many basic functions throughout your day, and you want to be sure that they are working properly without any pain or issue.  As an orthopedic surgeon in Debary, we assist many patients with their hand pain, inflammation, or discomfort to provide them with the flexibility and movement they deserve.  Sometimes, this requires surgery on the hands or wrists.  There are some common types of hand surgery that are performed at our clinic.

Trigger Finger Surgery

This common surgery may be needed to repair a trigger finger, which can develop when the tendons on your finger develop bumps that prevent them from gliding smoothly.  Trigger finger causes the tendons to catch, which prevents your fingers from straightening and often leaving them in a curled position.  This typically occurs on the thumb, but it can occur on any fingers.  During the surgery, the surgeon will create a small incision to widen the sheath along the tendon to allow it to glide more easily.

Carpal Tunnel Surgery

This is perhaps one of the most common hand and wrist surgeries that orthopedic surgeons perform, simply because carpal tunnel syndrome is incredibly common.  Carpal tunnel syndrome is when your tendons in your wrist become inflamed and put pressure on the nerves that run up to your fingertips.  This creates sensations of pain and discomfort when you need to use your hands or fingers.  To repair this issue, surgeons will provide more room for the nerve by alleviated pressure from your tendons.

Tendon Repair Surgery

If the tendons in your hand have been injured from infection or trauma, you may require tendon repair surgery.  The type of surgery that is performed will depend on the severity of your tendon injury.  Primary tendon repair will typically take place soon after the injury, and it involves a direct correction of the tendon injury.  However, secondary joint repair surgery is more involved.  This may include tendon grafts, which involve replacing the tendon in your hand with a tendon from somewhere else on your body.  

Nerve Repair Surgery

Another common hand surgery is nerve repair surgery.  When one of the three nerves in your hand has been injured, you will likely experience pain or discomfort when you use your hand.  Many people choose to have nerve repair surgery a few weeks after their nerve is damaged in order to alleviate their pain.  During this surgery, the nerve may be repaired if it is has been severed by reattaching it, or the nerve will be replaced with a nerve graft from another nerve in your body.

These are some of the most common types of hand surgery procedures that are performed at our orthopedic surgery center.  As a group of quality specialists and doctors, we work to ensure that our patients receive the best medical care so they can live a pain-free, comfortable, and mobile lifestyle.  Contact our orthopedic surgeon in Deland to hear about our specialties today.