Four Common Causes of Swollen Ankles and How to Treat Them

Four Common Causes of Swollen Ankles and How to Treat Them

Four Common Causes of Swollen Ankles and How to Treat Them

Have you noticed that your ankles have been swollen lately?  Did you just look down and notice swelling in your ankle joints?  As an orthopedic surgeon in Deland, we specialize in treatments related to bone and joint pain.  One of the most frequent and commonly reported symptoms in our patients with ankle issues is swelling and irritation.  There are a few common causes of swollen ankles and ways that you can treat them.

Ankle or Foot Injury

Those who sustain an injury to their foot or ankle may notice immediate swelling of their ankle joint.  This inflammation is most commonly reported in ankle sprains.  In order to treat a swollen ankle that occurred from injury, there are a few measures you'll want to take.  You should rest your swollen ankle by elevating it above the waist and applying ice and pressure.  If you have a severe injury, contact your orthopedic surgeon in Deland to schedule an appointment.  You may require an ankle brace or cast for proper recovery.

Blood Clot

Blood clots can cause inflammation and swelling of the joints in your body.  You may notice this in your wrists and ankles, depending on the location of the blood clot in your body.  When this occurs, you'll want to seek immediate medical attention.  Blood clots in the limbs block the blood flow from the heart and can have severe consequences if not treated quickly.  Be sure to elevate your limb and compress the area to try to restore blood flow.


One of the symptoms of late-stage pregnancy is swollen ankles.  During pregnancy, your body will create more blood to support the baby, and this can often result in swollen hands, wrists, ankles, and feet.  Slight swelling is a normal side effect of pregnancy, but if you notice extreme swelling, you'll want to contact your doctor for a check-up.  This could indicate a life-threatening condition, preeclampsia.  

Side Effect of Medication

Many medications may have the side effect of swollen ankles, so be sure to familiarize yourself with your particular medication and what to expect when taking it.  Common medications that may cause a swelling in your ankles are antidepressants, estrogen-filled birth control pills, some high blood pressure medications, and steroids.  If you are suffering from swollen ankles due to a side effect from your medication, you'll want to contact your doctor to report this issue.

These are just four of the common causes of swollen ankles in our patients.  Knowing how to treat them properly and when to contact an orthopedic surgeon in Deland can prevent further injury and create improved mobility.  When you suffer from a swollen ankle, take note of the severity of the symptoms and determine a quick course of treatment or call your doctor.  If you notice a swollen ankle, contact our qualified medical professionals to schedule an appointment today.